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Added April 23, 2014

School Dance Checklist: Tips for the Perfect Night

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School dances are a ton of fun! Whether you’re headed off to your first school dance or planning for prom, make sure you use this checklist to fully prep yourself for an unforgettable night!


6 Weeks Before Dance Checklist

___ Start planning the night with your friends. Even ask mom or dad if they have any specifics to include in your planning. Decide on whether or not you want to go with a date or team up with friends and go as a group. Either way will be a total blast.

___ Find your dress! Ask your friends or mom to join you on your search.

___ Plan out your hairstyle. Experiment with your cut and style.


4 Weeks Before Dance Checklist

___Plan your meal. If you’re planning on going to dinner with your friends before the dance, look into making reservations or if you plan to eat at home, look into some healthy options for the big night.

___ Make sure you plan out a ride to and from the dance.

___ If you plan to get your hair, nails or makeup done by a professional, start making appointments now.

___ Try on your dress and make sure it fits! You may need to get alterations, which can also take a few weeks.

___ Break in your shoes — wear them around the house if you have to. The last thing you want to worry about is uncomfortable shoes!


2 Weeks Before Dance Checklist

___ Confirm plans with friends for before and after the dance.

___ If you’re going with a date, consider ordering a boutonniere.



Night Before Dance Checklist

___ Be prepared for anything that might come up by packing a dance emergency kit. We suggest keeping the following stuff on hand for you to use or help out a friend in need:


___ Get a good night's sleep. We know the day of the dance is exciting, but you want to look refreshed and have lots of energy!


Dance Day Checklist

___ If you ordered a boutonniere for your date, be sure it pick up.

___ Go to your hair, nails or makeup appointments. Wear a button-up shirt for your hair appointment so it will be easy to take off without messing up your look.

___ Smell good all night with the anytime, anywhere Secret Scent Expressions Body Spray. Be sure to wear Secret Scent Expressions Clear Gel deodorant to avoid having white marks ruin that perfect dress.

___ Remember to bring your emergency kit, money and your camera!

___ Have lots of fun and take lots of pictures!

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comments so far
Posted July 29, 2014
Awesome I love being girl! I can be myself here! No hiding secrets anymore!
Posted May 02, 2014
Wow i can't wait for prom
Puppie Lover
Puppie Lover
Posted December 22, 2013
Re: twitter It's OK for you to ask a guy to the dance. The worst he could do is say no and if he does then he obviously doesnt deserve you.
Posted October 11, 2013
honestly i dont like prom or homecoming
Posted September 03, 2013
this sounds alot of fun i wonder if anyone is going to go with me im gonna deffinantly ues this for my 6th grade dance. how do u ask a guy to a dance or does he ask you so curious, please help!!!!!
Posted August 09, 2013
im in 6th grade to! :)
Posted July 04, 2013
my mom got me a black dress it so cute and it can go with the black shoes she got me too
Posted July 15, 2013
so gonna use this
Posted July 18, 2013
im so going to use this for my 6 grade dance. ;) :)
Posted August 08, 2013
this is like so helpful! ?
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