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Remove A Tampon

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Dear Iris,

I have been using tampons lately and this is my fourth period. It seems to me that when I pull the tampon out it's sorta hard to get out at first and when it does start to come out it really hurts me. I read an answer to a question related to mine, but it says to use a smaller absorbency tampon, but I'm using the smallest absorbency there is. I change mine every four hours. Are there any tips you can give me for a not-so-painful removal?


Dear Cara,

Yes, you can leave the tampon in for up to 8 hours. When you go to remove the tampon, pull it out at the same angle you used to insert it. This should make a difference in how it feels upon removal.


Good luck,

Your BeingGirl Experts

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Posted June 23, 2014
Leave it in for 6-8 hours but no more than 8. If it's too dry it might hurt. If you have been leaving it in for 6-8 hours and it still hurts I'd try lites. It really shouldn't hurt coming out it does feel a little awkward though.
Posted December 24, 2013
I find it easiest to insert and remove tampons just sitting on the toilet. Some people like to squat or put one foot on the toilet seat; it's different for everyone. If the tampon doesn't come out easily, it's either positioned incorrectly or not fully saturated.
Girls Run The World
Girls Run The World
Posted November 25, 2012
i wanna use a tampon but i am scared i am going to pit it in the wrong hole and it might hurt
Posted July 21, 2012
People say it hurts coming out but they're just doing it wrong. You inserted it in the direction of your lower back. That means when you take it out you gotta pull it out slowly in the direction away from your back.
Posted October 09, 2013
@ girlsruntheworld there is only your anus and vagina and im sure you know the diffrence. so nothing to worry!
Posted August 02, 2012
The key to inserting and removing a tampon is to "RELAX." Don't tense up. Some girls find it easier to squat, others like to put one foot up on the commode. Just take your time. Don't let anyone rush you, even if there's a waiting line for the stalls. A tampon can be worn from 6 to 8 hours unless your flow is heavy or you start to smell an odor. Just check yourself each time you use the restroom. A tip my Mom told me about removing tampons is, "Gently tug on the string. If the tampon resists, let it in. If the tampon is loose, then it's time to change it." Do not wear a tampon when you aren't on your period.
Posted June 30, 2012
Katniss.Everdeen, Don't be so scared of tampons! I was SO scared of them, you have no idea how scared I was! I expected them to hurt like crazy! I just had my first period a couple of days ago, and I got Tampax Pearl Lite tampons. It didn't hurt at all when I put it in, and I got it in on my first try! To put a tampon in, its easier for me to stand up and kind of squat while I put it in. This might sound weird, but to take out the tampon I like to put one foot up on the toilet and take it out. The first time I tried to take it out I was squatting, and it hurt a little bit. Then I tried relaxing my muscles and putting one foot up on the toilet, and it came out so easily and painlessly! I hope this helps you get over your fear of tampons, because trust me girl, I've been there!
Posted July 14, 2012
KittyCat1199 - Thank you for what you said about tampons! I got my period almost a year ago, and I've been using pads, but I REALLY want to be able to swim, so... TAMPONS! Yeah, I'm really nervous. I have to wait 18 more days though for my period... LOL funny story: I was in a womens public restroom with my mom when I was like, 6, and I said, Mommy, look! They sell napkins (AKA pads) here! LOL!! I feel so stupid. But thanks again, I'll be sure to try it that way, cause I really don't want to stick my fingers... in there... to take the tampon out! I think it would be so gross! Oh, well. Thanks again!
Posted June 06, 2012
Girls, This is a little gross, but when I first used a tampon it hurt to take it out. I figured out I got a little piece of skin cought in the middle of te top of the tampon, so I tried to get it out. I ended up pulling it out @ the wrong angle, so make sure u do it right. I was stretching the skin, hurt so bad! I ended up pulling not the string, but the white cotton side of the tampon and it slid out easily:) just hurt a lot but happy I got it out:/ ;) I am telling u this cuz if it hurts to take it out, look in the middle an c if u got it cought. If u did, try pulling the white part at a side angle and not the string. Hope this helped:)
Posted July 06, 2012
I havent had my period yet but the first few ones, I know that I'm definetly going to use pads, but Im going to try tampons. And if they work out Im gonna use pads to sleep and tampons for day periods. But I have Vd (Vaginal Discharge) And Ive been having it for a while so GET READY! :D


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