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Added August 01, 2013

Relationship With Mom

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The relationship with mom and daughter has been celebrated, mocked, challenged, and scrutinized, probably more than any other. You owe her your lifeliterally and yetit sometimes feels like the relationship with mom and daughter share nothing in common. She knows you better than anyone else, yet so much of the time you can't see how that works to your advantage. Since she's been right beside you for every stage of your life, and if you're lucky she will remain there, we figured we'd supply some facts that may work toward making your relationship with mom even more satisfying!


For all the less-than-perfect moments, did you know that 50% of girls say their relationship with mom is the best? And that 57% of college graduates say they plan to move back home?

Did you know that girls who are most satisfied with their bodies are more likely to report having mothers who encouraged them to be active and eat healthfully?


If stay-at-home moms were compensated for all the hours they work, they would earn $131,471 a year! Think about that when you're out buying a Mother's Day gift!


Using expressions like, "What do you think, Mom?" or "Just think it over for a while." "I can wait," when you're making a request will make your mom feel respected and under less pressure. Snapping at her will only convince her she's right to say no!


Be mature enough to realize your mom is not going to change. It's time to accept that she is who she is and learn not to expect her to agree to behavior that goes against her grain. Remember, your character is pretty much set in stone too.


Understand that the relationship with mom and daughter share one of life's most complicated connections. Every mother is a daughter who is now experiencing these conflicts from the other side.

No one we know enjoys a hassle-free relationship with mom. Because she loves you and wants the best for you, her concern is often felt like control. Step back. Be patient about the relationship with mom. She deserves it.


Realize that no matter how old you are, or how many buttons she pushes, you are always going to want to make her proud of you.


As much as you want her to see you as a maturing adult, she wants you to see her as a human with the same needs and desires as you. Try walking in her shoes. Treat your relationship with mom the way you want any relationship to be treated.


The rolled eyes, the slammed doors, and the huge fights are really just part of growing up. A recent study shows most mother and daughters who felt that they were close, quarreled regularly.


The simple truth is that probably no one in your life will love you as unconditionally, as strongly, and as purely as your mother. All of your most deeply-ingrained beliefs about who you are as a woman come from your relationship with mom, and your behavior with your friends, your boyfriends, your body, and even toward food will reflect those beliefs.



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Posted September 02, 2012
sometimes i feel like my mom doesnt support me, and doesnt like me because im not the girl she wanted me to be..
Posted June 27, 2012
I do live with my mom but she is the hardest person to talk to. I told my best friend first about my period. I tell my best friend about my problems and fellings. I dont tell my mom almost anything. It's really hard talking to her and I dont know what to do. I have left notes for her and she tells me that she read them but I can never find the right words for how I feel. She said she would talk to me everyday about how my day was and stuff but that hasn't happened even once. It is so hard being a teenager! And she doesn't even make any effort to help!
Posted August 31, 2011
Posted August 02, 2011
Little Ali-Bear, sometimes we all feel that way. But, we all have the ability to change certain things. If you're not happy about your weight or your grades, you can always change that. What matters is that you're healthy both mentally and physically, and in the end, it's how you view yourself. Be happy with who you are, and sometimes we have to work at it to feel better. And don't compare yourself to other girls- no one is the same and you really don't know what that other person has to go through as well, please don't be quick to judge. I myself is very self-conscious, but I'm working at trying to love myself, so I am changing some things I simply abhor about myself, but it doesn't happen overnight. Take care of yourself, m'kay? C: Oh. And you can't change EVERYTHING, but we can always make it work for ourselves in the end. ;D
Posted June 18, 2012
Posted August 14, 2011
This actually helped me quite a bit!!~ =3 Thank you, Being Girl!!~
queen supreme
queen supreme
Posted August 01, 2011
This article really helped me out. Thanks being a girl:)
Posted June 13, 2011
See me and my mom we don't have the best relationship or at least that's what it seems but she'll push my buttons not meaning to and I also do they same but at the end of the day we sometimes laugh about it but we always make up, so if you and your mom get in a fight it's not the end of the world just remember everything gets better in the end!
Posted July 06, 2011
Help please? There's this girl at my school. She's beautiful, has good grades, a good body, is healthy, and funny! I weigh around 140 pounds, and I am turning 13 in July. I am VERY self concious about my looks and grades. I feel that my Mom is not proud of me, and that she wishes that this other girl would be a better daughter. She tells me that she would never want a different girl as her daughter, but I still feel like she is dissapointed in me. And I also feel that she doesn't want me to tell her when I start my periods. Help please? ~LittleAli-Bear :D <3
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