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Regretting Sex?

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Dear BeingGirl Experts,

I started having sex a month ago, but I only did it twice. I had a scare. Should I stop or not?




Dear Arlene,

We hear often from girls who regret having had sexual intercourse. You have learned sex complicates things. It is such a giving of your self. A sexual relationship carries with it a lot of responsibilities and consequences you must be mature enough to manage.


There is nothing wrong with you not continuing to have sex with your boyfriend. Explain to him you aren’t ready for this type of physical and emotional commitment. If he truly loves you he will understand. If he doesn’t understand then he doesn’t deserve you.


There is a huge difference between wanting to have sex with the boy you like and actually having sex with the boy you like. It's normal to have these sexual feelings due to the increased hormones running through your body. Just because the feelings are normal doesn't mean you should act on them. Understand you do not have to continue having sex.


Talk to mom or another trusted adult to help you through this decision and conversation with your boyfriend, if you are comfortable doing this.


Good luck,

Your BeingGirl Experts

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Posted May 02, 2014
just make sure you're ready to handle the consequences
Posted January 18, 2012
Dear iheartwalfl i think if you can love him you might want to ask your mom maybe she went had the same problem
Posted January 06, 2012
I made a bittersweet mistake last month,I found out I was pregnant by a pregnancy test,I have food cravings,moodiness,tiredness,I can't believe he talked me into this,I always wanted to have kids but not this early,I want to keep this baby but I'm worried that my boyfriend wont be there,and I don't want to be a bad mother,I'm so confused
Posted September 18, 2011
i had sex and now im two months pregnant with twins. When u feel ur ready for sex u still have to be prepared 4 stuff like pregnancy.
Posted September 19, 2011
not to be nosy but storbound how old r u
my baby loves me:)
my baby loves me:)
Posted December 04, 2011
I have never had sex but just remember that u neeed protection and if you are being pressured into it, dont fall for it. It is not bad but it can spiritually scar you.Sorry not trying to scare you!
Posted August 25, 2011
i had sex with a guy who was my boyfriend at the time. i knew he was a man whore and only used girls for sex but i didnt care. i let him take advantage of me and even let him take my virginity. i wasnt ready for sex, especially with him. we weren't even dating for a month when it happened. i regret it everyday..dont let anybody, especially a guy, convince you to do something you're not ready for or sure about.
Posted August 01, 2011
I agree completely. I'm no Socrates, but people do things all the time they regret. I have made some mistakes in the past, and my best advice is to pray for guidance. I felt guilty for the longest time but I finally found this inbetween where I have learned from my mistakes and will do my best not to make them again, but I don't feel so awful about them anymore. I hope this helps and that you can find the right choice:)


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