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Added May 26, 2014

How to Eliminate Body Odor

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Body odor—what to do when it's you who smells.


The best ways to get rid of body odor are:


  • Washing dailymake sure to pay extra attention to your underarms and other favorite bacteria hangouts.
  • Wearing clothes that breathecotton, for example, absorbs and also ventilates better than materials like polyester.
  • Using a deodorant or antiperspirantlike Secret Scent Expressions® or Secret OutlastTM.



Deodorants vs. antiperspirants

Deodorants don't reduce sweat, they just partially cover up the smell while antiperspirants help reduce sweat before it starts with an ingredient called aluminum chlorohydrate. It actually reduces the perspiration process.


Deodorants work best when they go on after you've showered and the skin under your armpits is slightly damp. Most deodorants or antiperspirants are white, but some people don't like the white residue it can leave on their clothes. You can find clear deodorants that do not leave residues. It's a personal choice of finding what works best for you. Check out

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comments so far
Posted August 06, 2014
always apply your deodorant after showering and when skin is wet sit
Posted July 28, 2013
I use wash clothes and soap and put shower gel deodorant good smelling lotion
Posted July 15, 2013
@Prettygurl4444 Sit around the house a couple of days and just do your best to get as sweaty as possible and just lay all around him, give him hugs, stretch, just make sure he smells sweat and he SHOULD give in and drive you to the store immediately!
Posted July 15, 2013
@ItalyMilan If you want to kindly bring it up, just say "Wow I got this new deodorant! It smells amazing you should totally try it! Which kind do you use?" And tell her the name of it!
Posted July 15, 2013
@Arthritisisablessing SWEAT IS AN ODOR! TRUST ME!!
Posted December 15, 2012
I've started to have an odor.(not that bad), but my daddy won't let me use deodorant! Help Me!!!!! (I'm in 6th grade)
queen supreme
queen supreme
Posted August 25, 2011
Hm this is an awesome article. I want a clear antipespirant:)
Posted December 02, 2012
hey aritrightisablesing if u want the smell of deodrant and the covireg of antiprespriant than use a deodrant + antopres[riant i do and it works geat o and asking youre mom to get u deodrant isent very hard it is quite easy hope this helps
Posted March 25, 2012
I have more of a sweaty problem than an odor problem, so I would rather use an antiperspirant. I got a sample from school during the 5th grade "talk", so when that runs out I'll have to ask my mom!
Posted November 03, 2011
I have a friend thats has very bad body odor that all my other friends noticed.But we are all scared and kinda nervous to comfront her on it,and I dont want to keep talking about her behind her back .After all she`s still my bestie!!!!
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