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Added April 10, 2014

Quinceañera: Hair and Makeup Tips For Your Special Day

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When you choose your overall style and look for your Quinceañera, you should be true to yourself, and go with a look that makes you look and feel your best! You are the belle of the ball, the woman of the evening. This is your night to shine and celebrate with friends and family. You’re turning 15 and you’re transitioning into adulthood, so looking the part is part of the fun. Having the right hair, skin and makeup go a long way in completing your look and making it a celebration to remember.



There are many options to consider when selecting your hairstyle for your Quinceañera. Here are some ideas to consider:


Classy and Chic Hairstyle

Think classic chignon, or bun, with side-swept bangs. Start with dry hair that hasn't been washed in a day or two. Part it on the side using a comb. Spray hairspray on a brush, and then use the brush to gather your hair into a low ponytail at the base of your scalp. Rub a dime-sized amount of gel in your hands and smooth over your ponytail and gently place any hair that didn't make it in. Next, twist the tail into a small knot, and hold it in place using hair pins. Consider adding tiny silk white flowers, a small, sparkling tiara, or a wreath of baby's breath to complete the look!


Relaxed Look

If you’re looking for a carefree, laid-back look, try the “day at the beach” look with tousled waves. First, don't shampoo the day of. Just rinse your hair with water and dry it without using any product. Then, in a spray bottle, mix hot water and a teaspoon of kosher salt and let cool. Spray your hair all over, especially the roots, then blow dry. Finish it off with a silk flower behind the ear, secured with hair pins, or a dose of shimmer spray.


Big Curls

You may like full, big-curl waves for a romantic look. Start by drying your clean hair completely without using any product. Once it’s dry, separate hair in small sections and use a half-inch wide curling iron for each section. It's important not to have hair spray or gel on your hair — the heat could damage your hair. Spray each curl with hairspray only after you remove the iron. When finished, flip your hair over and comb it with a wide-tooth comb. Finish with strong hold hairspray all over. Accessorize with something big, like a tiara or corona of flowers. Something small will get lost with all that volume.

Now that you have your hair all planned out, check out these skin care and makeup tips to complete your look:



A good start to applying makeup is to have good skin as your canvas. In the weeks leading up to the big day, make sure you drink plenty of water and get a good night’s sleep. And if you happen to have blemishes, avoid picking at your skin, as it can actually make them worse. Clean your skin with a cleanser meant for your skin type, and use spot acne treatment for breakouts. Be sure to consult with mom and dad or your doctor for skin care recommendations.




Enhance Your Natural Beauty

It’s exciting to start wearing makeup and for a celebration like your Quinceañera you may think it’s best to use a lot of makeup. The No. 1 thing to remember when applying makeup is that less is more. Makeup is meant to enhance your natural beauty and bring out the best of your features, not cover you completely.


Start with the Right Foundation

It can take a little shopping around to find the right foundation. You may have to try a few different colors and product types to find the perfect tone for your skin and the right amount of coverage. Have fun with it — ask your mom or another adult to help and get together with friends to start your shopping.


Add Some Color

To pull your entire look together, add some pops of color. This can be accomplished with a long-lasting lip color, eye shadow and mascara, and finished with a little bit of blush. Try some different colors and find the one that compliments your look best.




Be Prepared

It’s always best to be prepared for things that could happen and cause you to worry. On the big day, bring along a small tote bag with extra hairspray, gel, hair pins and makeup for touchups. Also consider breath mints, blotting paper or pressed powder to combat shine, and pantiliners and deodorant to stay fresh.



It’s your fifteenth birthday — it marks your transition from childhood to young womanhood, so enjoy your night and take time to enjoy all the great memories.

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micki mouse roxx8
micki mouse roxx8
Posted July 12, 2012
im sooo exicted for mine!!! eeeppp!
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