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Added April 10, 2014

Prom Trends: Fashion Tips

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To look good and to feel goodis that too much to ask? On prom night? Well, actually to look smashing and sexy, chic and trendy, glamorous and comfortableis that too much to ask? We think not! Prom night is your big night to shine as a young adult. And we agree that every detail matters. So focus on your body type, hair color, and unique attitude as you peruse our preview of the latest prom trends.


Hollywood's red carpet is a major influence this year. Celebrity-inspired prom trends long and shortdresses in smooth satin sheaths and Latin-styled trains and ruffles take center stage. Strapless and halter looks show off your elegant shoulders and neckline. Beads add pizzazz and are showing up everywhere. And watch for the long and classy one-shoulder formal gown. The one strap plays a major role adorned with crystals, sequins, or leather marking one of the biggest prom trends of the year.


Mother Nature lends her bright spring colors and jewel tones for this year's prom trends. Bright is the new black. It's your night to shine, after all. Think pink if you want to show off your inner princess, white if you're into timeless elegance, sage green or deep lavender if you're more subtle, lime, turquoise, fuchsia, or red if you're more daring. And if you're ready to rock the party, try on a gold or silver halter style gown and finish the look off with golden gloves. Mother Nature's influence extends to flirty floral patterns and tiger and giraffe prints. Pattern and print prom dresses make quite the statement in pictures too! And speaking of Mother Nature, to ensure your peace of mind, remember to stash Tampax Pearl Compak into your tiny purse.


If it's the limelight you're craving, go for the more dramatic prom trendsbeading, lace or metallic trim, embroidered petal designs, oh so feminine bows, unexpected belts, and sparkling sequinglamming up chiffon, taffeta and metallic fabrics all turn ordinary run-of-the-mill prom dresses into the high fashion that represents your unique personality. High drama in regular life is a no-no, but drama in your style this night is a must!


When it comes to makeup prom trends, keep it traditional with a bit of trendiness to bring out your best features. As always, the eyes are most importantdramatic lashes, smoky eyes and rimmed lids are featured, along with red lips, bold eyebrows and matte skin. Partner a bold eye with a soft lip or bright bold lips with a soft neutral eye. And remember, your eye shadow does not have to match your prom dress.


Then there's your hair. Up or down, curled, teased, or straightened, there's no wrong answer. Celebrities come in handy when considering which prom trends you want to try with your hair. Check out the latest red carpet looks in your favorite magazine and see classic up-dos, retro styles from the '40s and '50s, messy ponytails, chignon buns swept to the side and braids to get ideas for prom trends. We bet one of these fashion iconsBeyonce, Gwen Stefani, Lauren Conrad, Blake Lively or Ann Hathawayis modeling your crowning glory!

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Posted September 02, 2014
Great advice!
Posted August 13, 2012
this comes in handy.
Posted June 21, 2012
luv this
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