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Added April 23, 2014

Prom Fun Facts

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It is high school's red carpet event, what feels like a big, televised award show! It’s prom! It turns the attention away from SATs and graduation to fashion and friends. Prom is a finale of your high school experience, the final celebration before graduation and a chance to celebrate with your friends and dance. For those dreaming of that night or getting ready for it, here are some fun facts all about prom. Happy dancing!


Did you know?

  • Going to prom is the second-most-significant event in a teenager's life, after getting a driver's license.
  • Proms were first introduced into high schools in the late 1890s to early 1900s and were modeled after galas and debutante balls.
  • The average family on average spends $1,078 on prom, but can spend more than $2,000 total on all expenses for one night!
    • Tip: Start planning and saving now. Talk to your parents to set a budget and prepare for a fun night with our BeingGirl “Tips for the Perfect Night.”
  • A typical parent logs 400 miles in the car and spends six weeks gathering the dresses, tuxedos, fancy updos, nails, stretch limousines, professional photographers, and after-prom activities necessary for the occasion. for the occasion.
  • The average price of a prom dress is $213.
  • The "typical" girl tries on 10 dresses before finding the one of her dreams.
  • Sixty-two percent of prom goers, no matter how the evening turned out, save memorabilia from that night.
  • Eighty-two percent of high schoolers were totally enthusiastic about the idea of going to the prom, no matter how cool it might sound to be cynical about the idea. Perhaps it’s better to have low expectations to get the most out of it?!
  • There are over 20 prom-themed movies to help you get in the mood. Sit back and grab some popcorn with a friend!

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comments so far
Posted July 05, 2012
I can't wait until I get my first prom I'm just a sixth grade
Posted July 05, 2012
I can't wait until I get my first prom I'm just a sixth grade
Posted November 03, 2011
Even though Im still in Middle school, I can't wait til prom! I wonder how it'll turn out for me. And whewt, first to comment on this! ^^
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