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My Period

PMS & Cramps

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Added August 01, 2013

PMS Cause

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There seem to be many PMS causes. They include: 

  • HormonesThese are chemicals produced by the ovaries that affect the brain and the signals it sends to different parts of the body. Hormone levels change throughout your menstrual cycle, and sometimes these changes cause some women to get PMS. 
  • Brain chemistry—A brain chemical called serotonin is being studied a lot lately because many scientists believe that not having enough serotonin in your brain could be causing some PMS symptoms, like sad feelings. 
  • Other problems with your body—The thyroid is a gland in your neck that controls many things, like the way you metabolize food. Some women have thyroids that don't work properly, which makes them feel like they have PMS. A doctor who is treating you for PMS should test your thyroid to make sure that it isn't the real problem. 
  • Vitamin and mineral deficiencies—Some scientists believe that taking a daily vitamin supplement will help relieve PMS symptoms. B6, D, and minerals like calcium and magnesium are really important.


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comments so far
Posted August 26, 2014
So, is this a sign that your period should be really soon?
Posted March 29, 2014
Thanks! Helped soooo much!
Posted March 18, 2012
So like, what's up? I've been CRAVING these weird combinations of food. Like I usually NEVER eat gummy bears and chocolate syrup together. Like I was literally going BONKERS because I didn't have any until I did. So like is this PMS???
Posted May 21, 2012
This helped me SOOOO much! I used to think you had to get PMS but you don't!
Posted October 21, 2011
PMS SUCKS!!!!!!! My mom and I both get really cranky, it's not pretty!!!!!
Posted October 28, 2011
PMS is like the worst thing ever. I get really moody and I hate the world. But then sometimes I feel bipolar because I'm happy then I'm sad...
Posted August 02, 2011
i have a helpful tip for you ladies and other young girls ou there. ok, if you think you have yeast infection, 1st get a cup of sea-salt, fine not rough. pour it into your tub. fill your tub with whot water, and sit in it with your legs open for as long as you like. for at least 8 minutes or longer would be ideal. ok. now wash out the salt very well. you might feel some burning at first when you get in the tub. anyway after your finished, wash out the area and sit in front of a fan with legs open. (i know its not lady like, but it might make you feel better if you do it in your room alone.) now your all dried off! good luck! and also remember to include plain yogurt in your diet, and if you fear your infection is severe then eat 3 yogurts a day. also, stay away from yeast products,and sugars. THIS IS NOT GARRENTEED!!! I REPEAT, THIS IS NOT GARRENTEED! thnks for reading ladies and good luck! ;D
Posted August 12, 2011
okay so this is wayy not related but i need help! so ya you reading this please help :)!! Ok so yesterday i got my school schedule when i registered and i have NO classes with my to best friends in the hole entire world!!! and im not sure what im going to do about lunch because i may not have it with them. what should i do????!!! and of course on the first day of school you dont no what lunch your gonna get so its hard finding people to sit with on the first day :( i hate it!!
Posted October 12, 2011
I gain like POUNDS during pms! I eat so much. Usually I crave the fatty-est foods their all. I usually work it off after. And I'm very moody. I hate pms!
Posted September 19, 2011
Pms is a pain. Its the worst part of a period. I like getting my period to just be like HURRAH, NO MORE PMS!
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