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Added April 10, 2014

Picture Perfect: Tips for School Photos

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Picture day at school is a pretty big deal. You’ve got to live with that photo forever! (Or at least until next year). Feel great on photo day with these tips to make sure that your yearbook gets your good side!


  • Start to take good care of your skin everyday with a good cleanse. As this becomes part of your routine, you’ll minimize the chance of a breakout on this important day.

  • Pick out an outfit to wear. This can be a favorite shirt and skirt you already own, or you can have some fun shopping for something new. Make sure it’s appropriate for school, too. Ask your parents or your friends what looks good on you and avoid bright white clothing around your face and bold prints. These can wash you out or overwhelm your features.

  • Practice, practice, practice! Practice your pose and smile in front of the mirror or with a friend to help you feel more natural and confident in the moment. Get it down so it’s second nature!

  • For the most flattering close-up, bring your chin forward, tilt your head down and look up slightly. Also try to sit up straight and put your shoulders back. It may feel funny, but the photo will look way better.

  • Skin feel oily that morning? Dust some powder on your forehead, nose and chin, so your face won't look shiny. Don’t do too much, though, so you prevent it from being seen in the shot.

  • Style your hair to flatter your features and your look. Practice getting your curl just right or take extra time to straighten your hair the night before. Select a look that doesn’t cover up your face and eyes. For an extra touch, consider adding a pretty clip or headband.

  • Go for the natural look and avoid wearing too much makeup. Your picture should reflect a refined everyday look instead of a special occasion, flashy look.

  • Relax and act natural. Your practice will shine through! Simply take a deep breath, look away and then look back at the camera with a great smile.


Enjoy your picture day and the start to a great year to come!

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comments so far
Posted April 21, 2014
Wow this tips really help,the only problem with our school is that they don't tell us when we have picture days so everyone has to look good everyday.
Posted July 04, 2013
Who does not love a few photo tricks. I really needed these tips. Thank you so much!
Posted April 10, 2013
I never like to smile with my teeth in pics
Posted February 25, 2013
Sometimes I look good in pictures and sometimes I don't. It all just depends.
Posted December 02, 2012
I am so NOT photo genic! People say I look pretty and nice in person, but in photos, I turn out to look so totally NOT nice! My hair gets out of place... I end up looking like a zombie! :/ But still, I'm trying to accept that fact.. :)
Posted February 17, 2013
I look horrible in pictures! They only turn out good if I don't know someone is taking the picture!
Posted October 29, 2012
It's terrible! People say that I am photogenic, but I am not too sure.In school pictures I ALWAYS have a hair that is outta place. I know its weird BUT it really bugs me.
Posted August 12, 2012
Sit by a pictures always turn out great! Make sure you relax your face muscles too...just fell confident in yourself and it will show on your pictures! Hope this helps!
Posted July 30, 2012
No matter what I always look like I'm in pain or half asleep and INCREDIBLY pale. And unnatural smlie, always forced. I can't take good pics. But I'll try these anyway
Posted July 02, 2012
I know this has nothing to do with the pictures...and it's late to ask but allygirl12 how do you become a model?!?!? plus these tips do help!!!
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