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My Period

Staying Positive

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Added September 04, 2013

Worst-Case School Scenarios and Period Stories

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So you finally get your period...but it's right in the middle of class. Or your bra breaks while you're running laps in gym. Or you forgot to put on deodorant before school...and you stink! These simple lessons will help you deal with some of the worst possible scenarios and period stories while in school.

Worst-Case Scenario No. 1: You get your first period during class...and it's leaked through your clothes!

Lesson No. 1: Have an emergency plan

Ask to be excused from class to go to the school nurse. If you or a friend has a sweater or jacket, wrap it around your waist. If you can, make a stop in the girl's bathroom to wipe up down there, then fold some clean tissue and place it in the crotch of your undies until you get to the nurse.

But before any of this happens, try to plan ahead. Consider wearing a panty liner to school each day and having a locker stash that includes the following: high-absorbency pads, tampons, clean undies, deodorant, safety pins and breath mints. This emergency kit can save you from a bunch of embarrassing scenarios and period stories, and you'll see it pop up again and again throughout this article. So read on to save yourself.

Worst-Case Scenario No. 2: You totally forgot to put deodorant on this a.m. Ew, what's that smell?

Lesson No. 2: Don't sweat the small stuff

Whether it's your period or body odor or whatever else, don't panic. Making a scene will only draw unwanted attention to the matter, so try to keep it on the down-low. Remember, you're in a crowded classroom, so nobody knows for sure if you're the one who's...well, stinking.

As soon as you can get a bathroom break, go into a stall and use tissues to wipe excess sweat from your armpits. Do this as often as you can throughout the day. Or...get to your locker stash from Lesson No. 1, and discreetly toss your deodorant in your backpack on the way to the girls room.

Worst-Case Scenario No. 3: You're in gym classand your bra strap snaps!

Lesson No. 3: Know when to cut out

First, remember Lesson No. 2: Don't freak! And if you haven't yet taken heed of Lesson No. 1 (safety pins are handy for mending all sorts of wardrobe malfunctions), it might be time to have a parent come to the rescue.

Whether you have a broken bra, a busted zipper or pants that are split clear down the rear (leaving all your business hanging out!), teachers should allow you to sit this one out and call home. Ask your mom or dad to bring you whatever clothing you need to cover your stuff before returning to class.

Worst-Case Scenario No. 4: Your crush finally talks to you, but you have killer bad breath from those cafeteria tacos.

Lesson No. 4: Remember what you've learned:

  • Lesson No. 1: Got breath mints? Grab em!
  • Lesson No. 2: Keep your cool.
  • Lesson No. 3: Smile and walk away while saying, Gotta get to class! I'll talk to you later, OK?

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Posted September 07, 2014
Hi this story is gross so keep reading if u dare!, :p ok so I have not gotten my first period but I have all the signs so today I was in the bathroom and I dried my self then I looked down there and I see this nasty gooy discharge down there I was like eww but I have ha discharge for 2 years and I have that much discharge that I ware a shield almost everyday it ugh is my period coming soon? I'm a 34 a (women) but a b cup fits me but idk I'm an a cup for sure is my period on the way? :)
Jane Austin
Jane Austin
Posted September 07, 2014
When I got my first period I was at home. Before you say "Lucky You", check this out, It was over winter break... on Christmas Eve! I had no idea I got it until I went to the bathroom. I knew that my period would come on day but I was still in total shock. I started yelled for my mom because in shock my IQ lowered to a .5 and I had no idea as to what to do. While I was calling for my mom, she was on the phone but I still kept yelled her name even though my dad was ready to break down the door to get me to shut it. When my mom finally came in she started to squeal, cheer, and laugh. She taught me how to make a toilet paper pad and we went to the drug store for some pads, I learned how to use them and all was good again. Or so I thought. I though my cycle would last for 5 days but it went on for 7 days. In short, Christmas Eve through New Year's Eve was bad. Not to mention my 13th birthday on the 30th.
Posted April 02, 2014
One time I was in chorus (my favorite class), and I also happened to be on my period. I didn't want to leave my class because we were learning a new song. I had changed my tampon right before that AND put a pad on. When I came out of that class, I realized that it had leaked all the way through onto my pants. I ended up going to the nurse to wait for my mom to bring me pants. I told this to my friend at lunch, and she laughed so hard milk came up her nose! :(
Posted July 29, 2014
OMG beinggirl you are legit the best! I know i'm going to make a safety kit ASAP! and i know just the bag im gonna put it in. I have this adorable little kit from justice that has rainbows and unicorns and butterflies and fluffy clouds on it! its perfect. It will save my life! One time i was swimming in gym class and it was like someone's vagina exploded. There was blood everywhere and everybody knew it was a girl who had their period. Since there was only two girls in the class, it could only be one of us. Then, everyone starts looking at me and I realized it was my vagina that exploded! You have no idea how embarrassed i was! then i had to get up in front of everyone with blood leaking down my leg and ask to go to the bathroom. I will never go swimming again and I advise every girl to do the same. Swimming is terrible. Thanks for teaching me these lessons being girl! <3
Posted July 24, 2014
I hate the fact that I get turned on easily right before my period, it ruins everything because it makes me feel so nasty. At that point I realize how frustrating it is being a teenager.
Posted June 07, 2014
Thanks for the tips, BeingGirl! You rule... thank you so-so-so-so much! You are my hero!
Wish on Stars
Wish on Stars
Posted March 29, 2014
OMG! This article TOTALLY hepled! This is why I love Beinggirl!! THANKS! -Wish on Stars
Posted December 08, 2013
I am really glad I started my period when I was homeschooled(This year). But I am going to go to a small school starting January. Does anyone have any advice on where to put my period supplies & such? We will not have lockers, maybe not even those hooks with the benches underneath. Thanks. Sammy
Posted December 19, 2013
Sammy- I would suggest keeping supplies in your room and bringing stuff with you each morning. I don't have experience with a boarding school, but unless you're comfortable putting it in a pants or jacket pocket, that seems like the most useful option... Hope I helped!
Posted March 09, 2014
Um so personally I have gotten my period but I'm always worried that I will always start when not ready I'm going to the period kit thing hopefully it works
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