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My Period

Menstruation & Your Cycle

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Added August 01, 2013

Period Stopped?

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Disappearing act. When your period stopped.

Sometimes your periods may stop altogether, a condition known as amenorrhea.

This can be caused by: 

  • Pregnancy
  • Dramatic weight loss. Amenorrhea is a frequent telltale sign of the eating disorder anorexia nervosa, an illness in which the patientusually a young womanstarves herself in order to be thin
  • The "binge/purge" disorder, bulimia, in which the patient eats a lot of food (bingeing) and then makes herself throw up (purging)
  • Excessive exercise, like running more than 40 miles per week, or elite training in ballet/gymnastics, etc.
  • Polycystic Ovary Disease (multiple cysts on the ovary)
  • On some very low dose of birth control pills, there may be little or no menstrual flow

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comments so far
Posted August 20, 2012
Birth Control isn't just used to prevent pregnancy. Some women have hormonal imbalances, so they use them to control there hormones.
Posted August 01, 2012
i have birth control pills,but i already told my parents im not gonna have sex,i mean i m like 2 YOUNG!
Posted September 30, 2011
its almost the end of the month and my period is way off track! its scaring me, at first i was well its my b-day so mayb it will come tomorrow ( as u can tell by my user name my birthday is Sept. 20, 1999 ) but its been almost 2 weeks and it hasn't came yet! my second 1 is im preg but i cant be! i dont even want to be preg at 12 yrs old!!!!!! third 1 was mayb it will come at sometime the end of this month ( like when i got my first 1 ) but after readin this im like " oh ok! well im in competive all-star cheerleading and practice is every Thursday and ever other Sunday for 3hrs+ so thats prob why... ok it will be all rite " but im still scared. plz help me knowing that it will be OK!!
Posted March 27, 2012
i hate my period but i don't want it 2 end b4 it has to
Posted August 14, 2011
I had no idea that runners could possible stop having periods! That's kind of cool!
Posted September 30, 2011
I run like crazy every week. Maybe I have to do more if I wanna break from this torture!
Posted May 26, 2011
I'm 16 Lately I been Getting My period For over 7 days It's been lastin for months. Why is that? I mostly get it for 7 days
Posted June 17, 2011
well im going threw the same thing i hope i get my period asap because it is scaring me i dont want to be pregnant have a disorder or not to have any problem i just my period and it asap every month ( as you c i like my period during the summer bc im very bored in the summer)
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See what other girls are asking about periods.
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