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Added April 23, 2014

Perfect Prom Dress

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Aside from securing your date, what’s the biggest thing on your mind a few months before your high school prom?


Chances are, it's all about choosing the perfect prom dress. How do you go about finding the perfect prom dress that will be worthy of a lifetime memory — the one that will be forever on the family picture wall, on your friend’s walls, and maybe in your school yearbook! It’s no small thing!


Before you even begin the hunt, though, think carefully about what you want paired with your budget. Short, tea-length or long? Pink, white, black or ??? Celebrity copycat or your unique style? Vintage or brand-new? Is this purchase a one-shot deal or a new go-to special-occasion dress with multiple wears?


To help transform your wishes into reality, we've compiled a list of some things to keep in mind when going shopping for the perfect prom dress.


Reflect Your Personality

Are you girly or a classic girl, outspoken or conservative? Your prom dress should reflect who you are. Don’t try to be someone you’re not. You want to be comfortable and natural. You’ll have the most fun when your dress is true to your own personality.


Remember, this is a night full of dancing, so you will most likely not be comfortable dressing in something that is too tight or hard to move in. Don't buy a smaller size intending to lose weight. After all, not all sizes are created equal! If it fits right, it’s your perfect size.


Consider a Classic

Because prom is a formal event (and maybe one of the only times you’ll see your crush in a tux or suit!), going with dress styles that have been around forever is always a great choice. Being dressed up really hasn’t changed all too much — so a classic style can be timeless and you can wear it various times while still being distinctly you.


It could be tough to balance your own style with the dressiness of prom, so be sure to try a few different styles and sizes. Also consider accessories to add that special sparkle. While it could take some time to find a dress that absolutely fits your body and personality, it’s definitely worth the hunt!


Make Sure the Shoe Fits

When it comes to what shoes you’ll be wearing, consider your activities for the night. You want to be able to dance and comfortably walk to where you’re going next. Watch out for heels that are too high or have thin straps, as these can make it difficult to move. Before the dance, make sure to test out your shoes and break them in. You can then focus on celebrating instead of worrying about your achy feet.



Don't let the stress involved with finding the perfect prom dress interfere with the pleasure of experiencing one of life's memorable milestones. Have the confidence to believe that you are capable of making your own dreams come true. We know you can!

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comments so far
Posted June 21, 2012
i m not in high school but this will be a pre prom for a middle school
Posted May 26, 2012
I'm not even in high school buti like to be prepared
Posted July 04, 2011
I already have a dress picked out! :) It's very pretty.
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