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Peer Pressures

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Dear BeingGirl Experts,

I'm 13 years old. Ever since I was 10, everyone has been warning me about peer pressure. I don't understand because what they said is totally wrong to what life is really like. My friends ask if I want to do the stuff, and I say, "No," and they say, "OK, cool." They don't give me the cold shoulder or anything. Why do older people think that there is always peer pressure?




Dear Josie,

It sounds like you have learned sticking with what you know is right for you is the best decision. Not every teen has the confidence to say, "No." Self-confidence is needed when you don’t go with pressures from peers. Teen years are often when many kids your age lack this confidence and make choices based on fitting in. Choices made this way often aren’t the best choices. This is why adults are concerned with peer pressure.


Hopefully you'll always have this ability to think and care for yourself!

Your BeingGirl Experts

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Posted October 27, 2014
I think your write Camille<3 a bunch of people I chill with say bad word and use inapropreit langueg so I kanda fell wird cuz every one swares that I hang out with help????????????
Posted April 21, 2014
Peer pressure is part of growing up and knowing how to say either yes or no.If you want to resist peer pressure be yourself and know what if your about to do or say is good or bad.
Posted August 12, 2012
Honestly, people get pressured by peers without them even having to say anything. They see their actions and automatically think that they have to do them too, to be "cool" It's dumb. BUT, there are sometimes when people do kinda nag you to do something but other than that most of the pressure comes from your own brain stressing you out-___-
Posted August 18, 2011
all i can say is say no to peerpreasure im going through it now because my boyfriend wants to have sex and i tell him because we have our whole life to do that and right now isnt thetime for that at 15.


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