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Should I Wear A Pad and Tampon?

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Dear BeingGirl Experts,

Should you wear a pad and tampon?




Dear Reagan,

It should not be necessary as the tampon absorbs the menstrual flow internally before it leaves your body. However, you may feel more confident if you use a pantiliner with the tampon "just in case."


Good luck,

Your BeingGirl Experts

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Crazygirl 101
Crazygirl 101
Posted August 06, 2014
This may seem wired but I like tampons better then pads. I just started in June and it was the week before I left for camp and I would be swimming at camp so I had no choice in less I didn't want to I started to use them.
Posted July 29, 2014
i want to use a tampon but don't have time or the " guts " to talk to my mom especially because my older brother is here i even had to cancel going to the pool with my brother because i needed to were a tampon
Posted July 08, 2011
I just started using tampons this summer and I always feel like it's going to come out so when school starts I'm going to wear a pantiliner and the tampon at the same time


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