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My Period

Menstruation & Your Cycle

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Added August 01, 2013

Normal Period Flow

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Niagara Falls? Don’t WorryYOUR Flow Can Be Explained


Is it normal for flow to change color? 
Yes. The color can change from time to time. Menstrual blood that has passed to the outside shortly after leaving the uterus is brighter red than the blood that takes longer to reach the outside. Because of this, you shouldn’t worry if menstrual blood isn’t always bright red.


How much blood will I lose during my period and how fast does it flow? 
The average is about two ounces, or four tablespoons. This could range from less than one ounce to a few ounces. Some girls think that the blood gushes out of them during menstruation. In reality, the rate is like a slowly dripping faucet, one drop at a time.


Do heavy flow periods mean there’s something wrong?
Not necessarily. Some women always have heavy periods—that's a normal period for them. Heavy periods could happen when an IUD is used, or if a woman stops using birth control pills. Heavy periods are also common the year or so after childbirth and in older women as they approach menopause.


Why do some women have spotting between periods?
Spotting refers to light bleeding for a day or two in the middle of the menstrual cycle. This is believed to happen because the woman has a temporary drop of estrogen that happens during ovulation. Mid-cycle spotting is normal.


What are clots and why do women get them? 
Menstrual blood can "clot" in the uterus and these clots dissolve before passing to the vagina. But for some women, the clots pass through the cervical opening to the vagina without dissolving. If a tampon is worn, the clots will either adhere to or be absorbed by the tampon and removed when the tampon is withdrawn.


Can fibroid tumors change the menstrual flow?
It’s possible. Fibroid tumors could change either the duration or amount of menstrual flow. If that happens, be sure to choose the combination of absorbencies that’s right for you.



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comments so far
Posted April 19, 2014
First of all, excuse my screen name, I accidentally clicked enter but oh well. I love these tips!! They are so helpful.
Posted April 07, 2014
I ONLY WEAR PADS! I am honestly afraid of tampons.
Posted April 02, 2014
Good thing my period is over but I still have to wear pantiliners to school and at home to avoid discharge in my panties.
Posted November 15, 2013
uhh my school dose not fill up the pads and tampons machine just a wast of your money try and you cant bring in your purse in to the restroom what do i do???
Posted March 01, 2014
This article answers a lot of my questions about my period. Thxs!
Posted July 21, 2012
I wear pads but i have tampons just incase i wanna go swimming^?^
queen supreme
queen supreme
Posted September 04, 2011
Good thing I wear a pad.:) This was very imformative thanks being a girl:)
Posted November 03, 2011
well i am in a fixture of pads and tampons too but i am not complaning im just glad i fianaly got my period!!:) i got it over the summer too hype anybody want to hmu contact me wenever kk :0
Posted June 28, 2012
i wear pads. i am not a big fan of tampons because i cant seem to feel comfertable with how high they need to go.
Posted October 10, 2011
I use a mixture of pads and tampons. My friend ONLY wears tampons, I have no idea why. But I liked this article. :)
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See what other girls are asking about periods.
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