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Normal Period And Pregnancy

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Dear BeingGirl Experts,

Does having a "normal" period (every 28 days like clockwork) indicate a person will not have a problem getting pregnant someday?




Dear Annie,

It is a good indicator, but fertilization depends on other thingslike sperm count, and vaginal acidity, uterine capability, etc.


Your BeingGirl Experts

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Posted February 07, 2014
Dear Being Girl Experts, My name is Sheila and I'm 24 yrs old. My menstrual cycle it's 27 to 28 days and it's been a little complicated for me to know my next period. What can i do? How can i know what are the days of ovulation and when I'm fertilize?
gab :D
gab :D
Posted August 28, 2012
whoo im the first one to comment

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