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Added August 01, 2013

No Longer Friends

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Naomi and Shannon were best friends since the fifth grade. Then they started high school. Shannon liked to write so she joined the newspaper staff as a freshman. Naomi was happy for Shannon, but then Shannon got really busy, covering school athletic events and hanging out with other students on the staff. Naomi understood, but she noticed that even when Shannon wasn't busy, she didn't make an effort to see Naomi. They were no longer friends.


Has this happened to you? Drifting apart from friends is hard, no matter who's doing the drifting. So it's normal to feel upset. Here are some things you can do when you and your best friend are no longer friends:


No Longer Friends Tip: If your best friend pulls away, don't chase after her

Just get busy yourself. Now's the time to think about your interests, and start new activities. Try out for the school play, or join a school sports club. There are tons of things to do and tons of people to meet.


No Longer Friends Tip: Make the extra effort

If you spent every waking moment with your best friend, your classmates might think you're not interested in them. This means you might have to get the friendship ball rolling. What about that girl whose locker is next to yours who always says something funny, or the girl in your English class who likes the same books you do, or your lab partner? Just look around. The possibilities for new friendships are endless!


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comments so far
Posted August 20, 2013
I had a friend and she got mad at me for not liking cars and we have been BFFs since grade 2 now were going into grade 6
Posted July 15, 2013
I Had Like, 10 Friends. And 9 Of Them Betrayed Me At a Point. But The 1 Stayed My BFF Forever. The 9 Fought With Me, Called Me Names, And Then They Said "Oh Forgive Me!!" So I Did. Then, I Started Thinking That I Didn't Want That To Happen To Me Again! And I Realized, Who Needs Friends? So I Stayed With My BFF, Who Stayed With me Forever, And Left My 9 Other Ones. I Am Happy I DId. Just One Problem.. I Have a Rep Of Keeping People Like, Happy And SANE, And Now, They Are Trying To Prove To Me That Like, "You Just Lost A GREAT Friend" And I Would Say " A Great Friend, Is A Friend Who Would Never Say What You Just Did" Now, I Am Happy With My 1 BFF!
Posted January 03, 2013
You're probably going to be getting alot of comments from me :') Feel special yo. Jk :P Yeah , So.. Lets get to the point. We all used to be a BIG group. Happy! But, I was very mean and bossy. But doesn't it make my friends responsibilties to let me me know whats wrong with me or my behavior? So now , they all just stopped being my friends. I did apoligize but they didnt accept it. I guess i had learnt my lesson. But wait , Thats not it. I shifted my class. Made new friends , Got a boyfriend. My life is perfect except for the fact that they keep talking about me , Spreading rumours , and making other people dislike me. Now most of the people in my school judge me by my past. How do you think i should handle this situation? Waiting :) Thanks xx -RandomMe
Posted July 15, 2013
i had a friend sence 3rd grade now im in 5th instead of telling you she has a new friend she runs of with them then you dont hear back ever then when you ask her what was happening she makes a whole fuss and never talkes to you again my other friend is like the peace maker and never quits girls youll have other friends trust lovelyness21
Posted October 09, 2012
Middle school can be a confusing and misleading place. I lost my best friend due to "diverging interests". Really, it was more that I continued to think things like Pokemon were fun while she moved on to fit in and be accepted. I've always had a problem with being self-conscious, and I tend to doubt whether people actually like me or are just dealing with me to avoid hurting my feelings. Even in situations where I KNOW they care about me. It might take something drastic to push you socially, but once you find your people it feels amazing.
his love
his love
Posted April 01, 2013
well i had a close friend which i really was there for her through thick and then no matter what the situation was. until she pushed me away i didnt do anything wrong to her but oh well, yea i was very mad and upset because i seen that she didnt look at me as a true friend like i did her. i mean im over it now we dont communicate no more and really things have been less stressful now ( : i spend everyday with my wonderful boyfriend he is my true bestfriend been together 10 months! i know he will never turn his back on me, so yep you find out who your friends are so let them go and just do you kayy ( :
Posted September 16, 2012
Alot of my friends have drifted apart from me. One girl actually texted me all kinds of mean stuff of how I was fake. And i was like seriously? I learned that I think it was jealousy. :( I hate losing friends
Posted August 05, 2012
I had a friend in the 5th grade and we went through a lot. I mean, a LOT. We were both sent to the principles office for talking about sex to eachother, then the teachers searched our desk for proof, and she set up my kiss with my guy (6th grade) and then she just told me she hated me and I was a slut.. I tried to talk to her but she refused to talk to me. She started telling the guys in my class I wore push up bras and I am addicted to sex, and they all laugh at me but my really sweet guy who is there for me all the time and makes me feel special through everything. She calls me a trap and I made a new friend, Lulu, and my other friend keeps trying to draw her away. But, if she wants to be like that, let her. Don't let any girl try to mess up your world because they can't handle you. Stand tall and tell them you really don't care. <3
Posted July 25, 2012
It really crushes me having me and a friend drift apart. We have been absolutely best friends for a long time. Then it kinda got rough because we go to different schools. Obviously she got her good friends while I got mine. We didn't talk for a really long time so when our families got together it would be awkward because we never had anything to talk about. All along there was this part of me deep down wanting too be best friends again. I guess she sorta felt that too cause when we finally got together we talked for hours! I'm so glad we talk again but it still hurts me seeing her arm and arm with her besties knowing that I am no longer ranked top friend :'(
Grace of Lerua
Grace of Lerua
Posted September 02, 2012
I used to hav two really awesome and good friends... Now one refuses to talk w/ me, probably cause of her mom, and another does email me, but I haven't heard from her in weeks. If I don't see them within the next year or so, I'm gonna let them go... I've done it enough to be used to it...
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