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Added August 01, 2013

Teenage Girls: Negative Body Image

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"I know this is going to sound weird," Carrie confesses, "but when I eat too much junk food, I'm so guilty I actually hate myself. I'm the kind of person who has plenty of self-control in every other area except food. What makes it so hard is that most of the time when I'm cheating by eating bad stuff, I'm with my friends and having fun. When I'm with my family I eat regular meals and it's much easier to be good."


You would think from the words Carrie usesguilty, bad, cheating, hatethat she was talking about something more immoral or harmful than snacking on potato chips. You would think she was worried about the osteoporosis, anemia, obesity, and cardiovascular disease that might be made worse by eating certain foods. You would think at least that she had a weight problem. You would think that, but you'd be wrong.


The statistics tell the story. Although almost 80% of the teenage girls studied in a recent survey fall within the healthy weight range, less than 50% saw their weight as "about right." The proportion who wanted to lose weight increased from 69% in 7th grade to 82% in 12th gradeincluding 49% of underweight girls. In another study, more than 30% of nine-year-old girls expressed fear of fatness, increasing in age to over 80% among 18-year-olds. More than the dark, more than mice and snakes and scary movies, what most teenage girls fear is growing fat.


Why do so many teenage girls have a negative body image?
The surge in body fatness levels during adolescence and the normal associated changes in the female shape might explain why girls are more likely to experience a negative body image. Under the influence of sex hormones girls develop fat stores on the hips and thigh. This fear of fatness motivates otherwise sane young women to try unsafe methods of maintaining weight like smoking, laxatives, diuretics, crash diets, and vomiting, all presenting a greater threat to their health than obesity.


Who promotes this craziness?
There is no shortage of culprits. Certainly advertising, movies, fashion magazines, and TV, all forms of the media who flaunt the ultra-slender female form as the ultimate in feminine beauty, are partly to blame.

In Fiji, for centuries the ideal body was robust; "going thin," as they called it, was a cause of concern, not admiration. That was, until TV was introduced to this remote South Pacific island. Now a study reports that teen girls on the island were 50% more likely to feel "too big or fat."


Why is it that even if you and your best friend went on the same exact diet, the scale would show different results?
Researchers have learned that some people's genes make them more "metabolically efficient" than others. The answer to a strong, healthy body lies not in labeling any food as "good" or "bad." You can have that 200-calorie soda, just take a brisk walk for 40 minutes and burn them off.


Next time you're depressed because the mirror disappoints you, don't be tempted to fall for these myths:

1. Thin and healthy are the same.
2. Carbohydrates make you fat. (Too much of anything is no good for you.)
3. Protein builds muscle and burns fat. (Only exercise does that.)
4. Eating certain foods in combination can help you to lose weight.

Learn to see yourself through your grandma's eyes instead of that distorted mirror you rely on. There's no need to eliminate any food you enjoy from your diet. Just learn to make trade-offs and balance unhealthy foods with healthy ones. And keep on the move. The safest and most appropriate obesity prevention strategy is to get moving and exercise.

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comments so far
Posted April 12, 2014
Posted April 09, 2014
Sometimes I'm really chubby then the next day I'm super skinny its wierd
Living Large
Living Large
Posted March 05, 2014
@madrose4803 you should tell your mom that healthy food are cheaper and more effective. She may say they are more price wise expensive but it would be cheaper in the long run because healthy foods will fill your tummy more then junk food so you won't eat as much. You have to give valid points so that she will buy something healthier. Convince her don't aggravaite her. Hope this helps! ~Living Large
Posted November 13, 2013
Gals Just exercise and eat healthy and go to the doctor every year and you will be just fine.
Posted March 01, 2014
I know im not overweight but I cant help feeling like it .... I definitely eat too much junk food and high calorie food, that I know and sit around too much but whenever I ask my mom can we buy more healthy food please? she doesn't listen to me and says it costs more money(I don't believe that) and we end up going home with all these fatty unhealthy foods I cant even do anything about it she makes the meals I have to eat them or get nothing! don't report her to srvices or whateer lol better safe then sorry thought I should say that
Posted August 08, 2013
this stuff is sad
Posted July 18, 2013
I'm very healthy and I'm just the right weight says my doctor, but I don't feel like that. I feel fat and ugly. I mean I'm 5'6 140 pounds and I'm 11! Tallness runs in my family. And I always feel like my gut is sticking out or i have a muffin top, but at the end of the day I don't have any of that. I'm just a tall skinny girl and its really just my self as teem and low confidence. I really think its just my hormones because I'm starting to get period symptoms and my doctor says I will get my period soon. So I just need help controlling my hormones!
Posted July 18, 2013
Same with me. It seems like every other girl is skinnier or prettier than me and like I'm the fattest fatty out there. But at the end of the day I'm really not. I'm tall and skinny. I'm 5'6 and way 130lbs.!!!!!!
Posted July 25, 2013
if people tell you that ur to fat or ur to skinny dont listen to them u r who u r god made u like that because u r different and thats what people love about u!! hope i made y'all fill better.:) ;)
Posted July 23, 2013
i feel like im fat my friends all say im not but i am and i dont want people to call me fat ive tried hard to lose weight but its not easy
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