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My Relationships


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Added August 01, 2013

My Friend Has A Boyfriend

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When you're in love with someone, everything in your life changes. You don't see your friends and family as much because you're spending a huge chunk of your time with your boyfriend. Everyone says you seem happier, like you're floating on air. Everything that comes out of your mouth starts with his name ("John thinks..."). It's like your whole life suddenly revolves around this guy.


What if it's not you that's in love, but your best friend? You remember her, right? You used to hang out all of the time and go shopping and watch movieswhat's her name again? Now she has this AWESOME boyfriend, who's SO much fun (you're rolling your eyes now, right?), and you never see her anymore.


Whenever a friend gets a boyfriend, the process starts off slowly. First she's gushing about him to you on your nightly phone calls. Then they're "official," and she never stops talking about him. So much so, that you start discussing the weather or golfanything to bring the subject off of how gosh darn fabulous he is! The girl you used to hang out with every weekend is breaking your plans left and right.


It really hurts when you feel like you've lost your best friend to a dumb guy. You rely on her for good times, a shoulder to lean on, someone you can spill your secrets and dreams to, and now it seems like she doesn't even need you!


You need to sit your friend down and tell her how you really feel. You feel left out and forgotten, and you owe it to yourself to be honest with her.


Don't try to drop by her house or corner her in the hallway at school. Call her a couple days before (so she can clear her schedule with WhatsHisFace) and ask her if you could meet her somewhere to talk. Pick some place quiet like your house or a coffee shop. Sit down and tell the truth!


Before you meet up with her, sit down and list all of the reasons you're upset. Be realistic. You're upset she doesn't involve you in her life anymore, not because you think her boyfriend's a total dweeb. Don't bash him, because that will only turn her away from you. She'll be less apt to listen if you're talking smack about the person who is most important in her life right now.


Most likely, she'll realize how poorly she's been treating you and apologize. You still may not see her as often as in the pre-boyfriend era. You have to realize that she now has TWO very important people in her life.


If she acts completely unresponsive to your feelings, don't give up on her. She'll come around eventually and realize hanging out with her boyfriend every single waking moment is incomparable to what you two have. If they end up breaking up, save the "I told you so." Be there for her. That's what real friends are for!

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Posted July 18, 2013
That's how it is with my aunt. She is 20 and we are like sisters/bff's. She has moved back and forth from Here in Melbourne, Florida to Bonifay, Florida plenty of times. It breaks my heart because we would do everything together (except go to the bathroom, sometimes she wants me to sit in the bathroom while she takes a shower, LOL)We would go and take walk's, pull all nighter's, etc. but now we can't because she moved to Bonifay for her boyfriend. They ended up breaking up and I was hoping she would move back here, but instead she got herself a job. I am really proud of her!! I really do miss her though. I haven't seen her in 5 months. I haven't spoken to her in two months because I don't have the money to pay my phone bill right now :( and my mom is famous (not really) Her phone goes off every five min. She is always on it so I never have time to talk to my aunt/sister/bff. She wants me to move in with her when she gets her own apartment. I MISS HER SOOOOOOO FREAKING MUCH!!!!
Posted July 15, 2013
I only Have 2 close friends and They both have Boyfriends.They both stopped hanging out with me because they wanted to hang with their Boyfriends and they both ditched me last night at my own sleep over and One of them ditcheed me at my own graduation party and she was the only person invited so I decided to go out for ice cream with my dad Instead Of sit there and wait for her to never show up. For my sleep over I orangized my whole room so I can put a air mattress so my friends didn't have to sleep on the floor and I got a text that niether of them R coming so I sat ion my room and cried and deflated the air mattress I swear My friends Are slowly leaving me for thier boyfriends and something I forgot to mention I don't have a boyfrined So I'm kind of really lonely and Have No one to talk to when stuff like this is going on :(
Posted August 12, 2012
nobody really likes me as a person. so when my best friend left to hang out with her boyfriend at school i just had to fit my way in with other people so i wasnt a loner and people would ask me whats wrong. i eventually hung out with one girl everyday. she was cool but it wasnt like my best friend. i know it sounds mean but i wanted them to break up. also because i was jealous. because she was always going out with who i liked and i didnt really have anyone. i wanted her to be so sad so she could talk to me about it. turns out she broke up with him and is not even sad. i just wanted to feel important.
Posted April 01, 2013
me and by bff used to be together all the time . in school and out . and ever since she got a boyfriend i dont see her as much and it sucks . we used to walk to class together . go to each others lockers , work together and now we dont do that at all this year . because her boyfriend gets upset .... i dont think that's right i try to talk to her about it . she tells me she'll talk to him about it and things we'll change but they never do ...... sometimes i feel like i'm losing my bff
Posted June 18, 2012
My friend and I were inseparable before she got her boyfriend. He doesnt like me and now she just completely avoids me because he says so. And when they break up, she wont have a shoulder to cry on. No one in class likes her and she doesnt realize that everyone is mad at her. Ugh. I hate her and that stupid boyfriend.
Posted July 04, 2013
my best friend's friend has a boyfriend and my best friend likes her best friend's boy friend.She was about to date him but she is a good friends so she didn't get it
Posted April 02, 2012
Just stay positive! Don't let one person bring you down! I've BBEdit in that position 4 times-with the same friend! Just tell him/her how you really feel and it will change their whole perspective! I guarantee!
Posted May 21, 2012
my bestie used to date a guy i really liked. i felt kinda sad. the weird thing was that they never hang out together. i thought couple hang with each other. was a wrong or something?
Posted June 08, 2012
Sounds familair
Posted June 09, 2012
That sounds like a friend that i know
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