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My Best Friend's Boyfriend

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Dear BeingGirl Experts,

What happens if you like someone, and he likes you too, but he goes out with your best friend, but he likes you now? What should I do?




Dear Kenicia,

He's going out with your best friend. This means he's not available as a boyfriend for you. Even if he breaks up with her, and asks you out, you need to discuss this with her. She is your friend, and you treat friends with respect. Respect in this situation means you need to make certain she would be okay with you dating her ex. The odds are she'll be your friend a lot longer than any guy will be your boyfriend!


Hope this helps,

Your BeingGirl Experts

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Posted September 30, 2011
me and my friend had a crush on the same person.But my friend is like sooo jelous over everything.Ive known him longer and she was not acting like a good friend.She even stoped talking to me because of it.Just because i was asking him a math question.A MATH QUESTION!OMG.Since she moved we barely talk on the phone but now everything is just fine!:)
Posted September 05, 2011
My best friend Anne had a boyfriend and they broke up he asked me out and I talked to anne about it and she was like no i dont care if you date him and I told him up front No that even though anne said she doesnt care i know she cares and if i did start dating her ex it would hurt and to me its like wearing your best friends bra recycling! LOL! But anyway I still wouldnt do it because even though they may break up and he might ask you out and you might really like him but think about your friend put you in her shoes she is getting over her break up and then she finds out that your dating him it would just make the situation 10 times worse so dating your best friends ex is a big No no. Thats just my opinion Hope it was helpful!
Posted July 12, 2011
my best friend C, her ex boyfriend is now my boyfriend....yeah me & C faught, but now she can accectp my choices and im learning to accept her choice about dating my old crush. :=>


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