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Added August 01, 2013

Mom Advice

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Mom Advice: Decoding Mom: Making sense of her moods, her methods, and her madness By: Jake Miller


Advice Report by BeingGirl Teen Author, Lindsay


Summary, opinion, and review of the book

Decoding Mom is mom advice that shows how to survive the "unusual" ways of the alpha-woman in your family, otherwise known as your mom. The ten chapters are filled with clever mom advice that help you understand your mom and why she acts the way she does. The mom advice can also show you how to avoid unwanted conflicts. This book on mom advice gets about an eight on the scale from one to ten for many reasons. There are lots of great mom advice ways to catch your mom in her snooping acts, and even ways that you can get out of trouble and chores. The only reason that Decoding Mom didn't get a higher ranking was because of its occasional unnecessary tips that didn't make sense or didn't need to be added into the book. There was also some mom advice that could've either seemed harsh to your mom or wouldn't be usable in reality. Other than the small flaws here and there in the book, I'd say it's a great guide to have by your side.


Mom Advice on How to deal with the odd moments of Mom

Have you ever caught your mom walking out of your room saying she just cleaned up? Has she ever bought you clothes that you were completely horrified by? Then you felt bad when you didn't wear them? I know I have. Usually when Mom says she was just cleaning up, it means she really was straightening up your room, but also peeking in some places where she shouldn't have had her nose.


It's completely normal to not like a piece of clothing your mom bought you, but, as a tip in the book said, you should try wearing it around the house just when she's around. It makes her feel good, and it makes you feel good, too (even if you feel ridiculous in the green pants that have little purple flowers all over them). When I use this mom advice, I know that my mom feels happier because I appreciate the things she gets me.


A tip that I think is a great idea to use is one that protects your diary (if you don't want anyone to look in it). It includes lots and lots of glitter. All you have to do is sprinkle pinches of it inside the pages, and anytime you walk in and find your floor sparkling, it means someone has been into your personal thoughts. This is a helpful tip that can be found in Decoding Mom that is both useful and smart.


One of the most embarrassing things that a mom can do, and I'm sure you'll agree, is get down with it in public. Whether it's singing, dancing, or just trying to act hip, moms can seem impossible and out of control at these times. If something like this happens (and it will), you shouldn't make faces and act annoyed. She's only trying to relate to you and keep up with all the latest trends that you think are cool. It's best to make it seem funny and get down with it with your mom. (Or you could make her promise not to do that ever again unless it's in the shower.)


If you want to read this book

I definitely recommend this book to everyone and anyone! Decoding Mom could be helpful in different ways to so many different people who need mom advice, so you never know how it will affect you until you read it and try it for yourself!

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Posted July 20, 2013
i will search and buy this book!!!
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