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Added August 01, 2013

Menstrual Cramps: The Questions

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What causes cramps?

Menstrual cramps are just like other cramps. A muscle contracts too hard or too fast constricting blood flow and OUCH! But during your period, these cramps take place in your uterus, so they can be extra annoying. But mild cramps can result from other things besides your period. Things like having good posture, exercising, and eating right regularly all are important in preventing painful menstruation.


Does everybody get cramps?

Nope. But a lot experience some ouches and eeks in their stomachs and lower backs. If you get the period pains, try taking a hot bath or use a heating pad. Lots of chicas will lightly exercise. And of course, you could take some medicine. If cramps are totally wrecking your life, talk to your mom, a doctor, or the even the school nurse.


If your mother has bad menstrual cramps does that mean you'll get them too?

There's no medical reason to believe that a girl will get menstrual cramps just because her mother does. But if you have somehow learned to expect that you will, then your chances of experiencing cramps may be increased. So it's important to realize that menstruation is a normal, healthy, event that doesn't have to include cramps.


Cramps aren't genetic like eye color. So even if your mom cramps badly, you might be safe. But if you're totally freaked about maybe-possibly-someday cramping, be prepared. And remember, having a period might not be your favorite thing, but it's normal and healthy. And it can be cramp free!


Is exercise good or bad for cramps?

As mentioned above, tons of chicas find that light exercise will make cramps disappear. The trick is to not overdo it. A pulled muscle is way worse than a mild cramp! Light exercise also increases blood flow, which is why it helps cramps melt away.

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comments so far
Posted August 12, 2014
i get moderate to serve cramps but usually with some light activity and pain medication it subsides.
Posted April 02, 2012
when i get cramps i exercise and take ibuprofen or Tylenol and get a heating pad and relax normaly when i exercise i do sit ups hope that helps btw i hate bananas too ;D
Posted October 16, 2011
I got it horrible! D: I fall down on the ground and yelp out. Sometimes Ive done it! I used to throwup and snap at people eceryday! So no one talked to me until It stoped and I became me again and Id aploigize like crazy. NowI still throwup wometimes but I dont snap anymore! :D. I found that taking a hot batth wiith like a lavender or jasmine sent. It clears ur head and helps alot! Plus u can throw in some music and relax.
Posted June 18, 2011
Eating banana's helps too! It has potassium.
Posted February 24, 2012
I REALLY hate CRAMPS:/ OUCH!!!!!!!
Posted August 08, 2011
I hate bananas. Just stating. Anyways, I tend to get cramps the first day of my period, and I always take ibuprofen with a low MG and a glass of water. Granted, I'm 15 and if you're younger, try other methods. I also lay down and place something warm over the spot. Soothing.
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