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Added August 01, 2013

Guys & Sexual Development: Male Reproductive Organs

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You probably remember guys you knew going through their own weird changes during puberty. 

  • they got tall really fast
  • their voices changed (remember that boy with the pretty voice who started sounding like a bullfrog?)
  • their bodies got more "manly"wider shoulders, more prominent nose and jaw
  • they got hairyface, underarms, and in some places you may not have seen
  • they broke out (welcome to the club!)

And, like girls, guys go through a lot of sexual development. Learning about the male anatomy will take away some of your questions about guys bodies.




Reproductive Organs: Outside the bodymale genitals


Reproductive OrgansPenis

During puberty, a boy's penis begins to get a slightly longer and wider. Later during that same age span, there's another growth spurt where the length and width change again. A penis is usually fully developed by 18, but may continue to grow into the early 20s.


The most familiar function of the penis is urinating. In both the male and female, urine leaves the body through the urethra and out the urethral meatus. In the male, it must travel the length of the penis before it's released. In a female, the trip is shorter. But urine comes directly out of the urethra in both males and females.


Other fluids come out of the penis, too. Semen, the fluid that contains male reproductive cells, or sperm, also leaves the body through the urethra and the penis. A special internal "valve" keeps urine and semen from going into the urethra at the same time.


Reproductive OrgansTesticles

During puberty, two round glands called testicles (or testes) start to produce sperm and the hormone testosterone. The testicles get larger and hang lower. The testicles are contained inside the scrotuma skin sac just below the penis. During puberty, pubic hair starts to grow on the scrotum. The temperature inside the testicles is two to three degrees cooler than normal body temperature. Sperm need this lower temperature to mature.


Reproductive OrgansMeatus
This is the opening at the tip of the penis where urine and semen leave the body.


Reproductive OrgansInside the body

Sperm is produced in the testicles. Then it travels through long, narrow tubes called vas deferens to two kinds of glands: the seminal vesicles and the prostate gland. These glands release fluids that mix with sperm to form semen.

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comments so far
Posted April 06, 2014
All of you guys are lucky… in 4th grade we learned " family health" aka health class it was two classes and it was mostly " girl stuff" and a few " boy stuff" we were separated but watched the same movies ( brain pop) and we all came out screaming IM SCARED 4 ever! ( yes … scared) but it was funny during doge ball at p.e cause I threw the ball too low at a boy… he went home for the rest of the day
Posted August 10, 2013
What is an erection? How does it happen?
Posted August 10, 2013
@maddiecard how do u get ur own pic up here? I want to know!
Posted July 30, 2013
in 5th grade I wached the boys and girls puberty video and we were in a room all together and I sat by a boy and he was looking at me. gross
Posted August 03, 2013
@Lucky4ever Well an erection is when a boys (you know) gets hard and well erect.
Posted August 06, 2013
in fifth grade we watched the puberty video and the class was separated and the girls went to one room and the boys went to another. it wasn't THAT bad but it was still pretty gross though because we were watching the co-ed one and the boy parts were kind of awkward. and then when we went back to class all the boys sat on one side of the room and the girls sat and the other. and after that health class, we had science class and i got paired up with 2 boys. i swear that was one of the worst days of my life!
Posted July 18, 2013
I just watched a video last year in fifth grade that was 100 times worse than this BELIEVE ME it showed pictures and talked specifically about how the "birds and the bees" happen We learned WAYTOO much about dudes so afterwards since they put the girls in aseparate room frome the dudes We came back all pink crying (seriously) about how BOYS ARE SOOOOO GROSSS *sob * MY CHILDHOOD IS GONE! And the boys didnt care at all even though they knew all a bout our "stuff" now too . I ran home bright pink and ran to my room (probably all the other girls did too) and ate chocolate and slept. UGH puberty am I right girls? :D
Posted February 25, 2013
Ya people do that.Its gross!
Posted February 25, 2013
treegirl:No idea.
Susie H
Susie H
Posted November 04, 2012
My BF said I should take him in my mouth! Do girls really do that?
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