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Added April 23, 2014

Laugh At Yourself

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How to lighten up and laugh at yourself.

Every situation has a funny side. Happy people just know how to look for it.

  • Hang out with funny people. When you're with people who make you laugh, you start to look at the lighter side of situations and laugh at yourself.

  • Change the channelnot like on TV, but like with your mood. If you have a reaction to something that isn't positive, change your channel and look for another way you could react.
  • Practice being funny. Think of embarrassing moments, start with ones you've witnessed or heard about, and find something funny about each one. Then when you're on a roll, think of a frustrating or disappointing moment you've been through and try to imagine it happening to someone else. Find something funny about it. Would you laugh if it happened to someone else? Could you find something to laugh about if it weren't so personal? Find the fun in it and find a way to laugh at yourself.


So when you're faced with an embarrassing situation, and you're surrounded by, for example, people who are laughing at you, laugh at yourself. Find something funny about the situation and enjoy being in the spotlight for a moment. Because like it or not, the light's on you, and the best way to look good is to take it in stride. As the saying goes, "Laugh and the world laughs with you. Cry and you cry alone."

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Posted July 04, 2012
laugh at yourself it always makes something funnny i laugh at myself all the time and im the class clown
Posted February 17, 2012
I laugh when it hurts, only because people are laugh at ME..
queen supreme
queen supreme
Posted September 30, 2011
I laugh at myself all the time.
Posted December 29, 2011
I remember one time I was showing of by doing gymnastics and I slid doing my high kick and fell to the ground, everyone was watching and I wanted to cry so bad. But instead I laughed and everyone was laughing to but not at me, with me. If you laugh at yourself it shows your not perfect and you know that, people respect that and it doesn't give the mean people a satisfaction if you find it funny instead of embarrassing.
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