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Added April 10, 2014

Latina Beauty

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Look Good, Feel Good


Today young Latina women are some of the most savvy, appearance-conscious consumers out there. From the styling gel in her hair to the polish on her toes, no one takes more pride in her appearance than a Latina beauty. She loves talking about it, learning about it, and experimenting with it every day. Because it's so important to her to feel good about how she looks, she gladly puts in the extra effortand timeand money to ensure that the woman she presents to the world looks like a Latina beauty.


According to a recent study, 60% of Latinas are happy with the image reflected in the mirror, a striking statistic compared with other women around the world who are way less satisfied with who they see looking back at them. As they become more radiant, confident, and successful, Latinas understand that external beauty illuminates their inner Latina beauty, just as their inner beauty illuminates their external beauty. Frustrated with a media that raises America's perfect beauty bar so high as to be just about unattainable, Latina beauty redefines what's beautiful on their own terms. Makeup companies are waking up to the fact that Latinas know and love cosmetics, and they will not be satisfied with colors that don't work for them.


Did you know that Latinas are...


  • 40% more likely than non-Hispanic women to apply their lipstick eight or more times a day?
  • Three times more likely than non-Hispanic women to apply mascara twice a day?
  • Four times more likely than non-Hispanic women to have applied eyeliner 14 or more times in the past week?
  • 39% more likely than non-Hispanic women to use conditioner four or more times a week? 
  • Twice as likely as non-Hispanic women to have spent $200 or more on hair care in the last six months?
  • 32% likelier than non-Hispanic women to use nail polish products four times a week?
  • Three times more likely than non-Hispanic women to use fake fingernails?
  • Twice as likely as non-Hispanic women to use fragrance every day?
  • Spend on average 27% more on cosmetics and 43% more on fragrances than non-Hispanic women?


So break out that new blusher, experiment with that new conditioner, and appreciate the good fortune that made you a part of the most knowledgable, most talented, most confident Latina beauty consumers in the world!

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comments so far
Posted March 29, 2014
<3<3 Yo soy latina
micki mouse roxx8
micki mouse roxx8
Posted July 12, 2012
hahaha yeaaa!! gooo latinas!! hehe
Posted July 10, 2012
Yeah latinas. Latinas son bonitas
Posted August 08, 2011
Wow. I'm Hispanic, and I usually spend like...$20 on hair products every three months, and like...$10 on make-up (especially lip balm, if that counts) per YEAR? I DO maintain a groomed appearance, but I feel we don't have to artificially make ourselves prettier, at least not if we're spending THAT much and using THAT much on make-up and hair.
Posted August 19, 2011
whoo!!! go latinas!! me encanta ser espanol!!
Posted February 08, 2012
I don't think that all of the %'s are true.
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