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Added August 01, 2013

Is He The One

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Finallyyou met a guy you're pretty sure you'll remember for the rest of your life. No longer are you shy and self-conscious. You've gotten over the awkwardness of asking him questions about himself. You're both comfortable sharing your hopes, fears, and dreams and are reveling in the enjoyment of just feeling close. The two of you feel lucky to have found each other. You can't help wondering: is he the one?


What should you look for in a serious boyfriend? What differentiates him from the pack? Well, qualities like honesty, intelligence, compassion, and kindness are right up there. By all means, he should be a good listener and be willing to share his feelings. Yet apart from this list of essentials, what you look for in a serious boyfriend depends on your own unique personality and interests. It might be important that he share your love of movies...or dogs...or skiing. Or, if you are especially outgoing, is he the one who is quiet and reserved who wins your heart?


There are some situations however, which will reveal character traits that are crucial for your future happiness. These will be times when his true nature will show you what he's made of. Use these times to help you determine the answer for the question of "is he the one?" Be super aware the next time...  

  • You go to a restaurant. How does he treat the waitress, the cashier, and the parking attendant? Is he the one that is respectful or are they invisible to him? If he takes them for granted, that might be you in a few months.
  • You get into his car. Is he the one who walks to the passenger side and opens your door least at the beginning? Then it's your turn to lean over and unlock his door.
  • The subject of an ex-girlfriend comes up. This might be coming attractions of how he will one day talk about you. If he tells you her most intimate secret, or you think he still has feelings for herit's worth some serious consideration. Is he the one who refuses to discuss her? That may not be such a bad thing.
  • He mentions his mother. Enough said.
  • Is he the one who gets really angry? No matter what the reason, if he has an explosive temper, becomes physical, or talks to you in a degrading or abusive manner, reevaluate your commitment.
  • He wants to have sex and you're either not ready or not in the mood.


If you hear any of the following, consider yourself warned and reconsider your thoughts on "is he the one" questions.

  • You would if you really loved me.
  • I'm so turned on that it'll do me permanent damage if I don't come.
  • If you don't do it, I know someone else who will.
  • We're the only couple I know who haven't had sex.
  • Having sex will strengthen our relationship.
  • Let's just lie down together.


These golden oldies have been responsible for many a girl with good intentions finding herself feeling pressured into having sex.

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comments so far
Posted June 30, 2014
I have this guy friend and we dated for like 3 days...he says he still likes me but he cant date me for certain reasons but I really want to and he makes my insides turn inside out whenever I am around him and I just want to keep on dating him but then its just awkward whenever I talk to him on the phone for me. I just don't know if he is the right guy for me or if he is then he sure doesn't act like it. I NEED HELP!
Posted June 07, 2014
Huhhh I know how this is. I know a guy that I like, I've liked him for a bit too. And well I really enjoy his company. He's one of the few guys that I'm actually comfortable with. I don't get butterflies talking to him, because if I did I'd be saying some crazy things. I don't think he likes me back though.... I haven't told anyone nor I plan to. But I have a piece of help or quest for you all. Why do I feel so lost? All my friends have a boyfriend or like someone and they tell everyone. But I'm not the same. I may like this boy, but I know he doesn't like me back. I know I shouldn't tell my friends or they'll tell him and mess everything up. I just want a simple life. Am I the ONLY 16 year old that thinks this way HELP! Why do I feel so lost, alone and broken.
Posted May 08, 2014
My boyfriend just broke up with me. And now he is dating my best friend who is trying to make me jealous but at the same time I still like him
Posted May 30, 2014
SOS someone help me ok so I am going to a different school for grade 10 and there is this guy there that I know from Instagram and we don't talk we just follow each other and in my opinion he is REALLY HOT and we'll... I have 2 MAJOR problems...1 he is the first guy that I have ever liked that way, when I saw his profile picture I immediately just had a crush and then I found out I was going to the same school and so I need some pointers on how to get him to notice me...2 his 1st cousin is my best friend and I don't know how to tell her. She is always going on about how he is annoying and I need advice!!??????????
Posted May 12, 2014
my boyfriend is three years older than me and he is so sweet
Posted April 26, 2014
I like this guy and I told him and he said he likes me back. But he also likes another girl too. What do I do? :\
Posted April 02, 2014
I have a boyfriend. He's 13 and I'm 12. He's really amazing. He brings me flowers and chocolates for no reason and he's really sweet. :)
Posted April 07, 2014
To deedee8511- look for any signs of interest he shows in you becuz maybe he likes you 2!
Posted April 19, 2014
A guy asked me out I think I like him but I don't know we are friends and I don't want dating to ruin that what do I do help me
Posted April 06, 2014
I think I might like my best guy friend I'm 13 and I don't know what to do
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