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Irregular Period Cause

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Dear BeingGirl Experts,

I have been menstruating for almost a year now and my cycle is still very irregular. Last month I got it after 32 days, but the month before that I got it after 26 days. Also, sometimes the flow is really heavy on the first day and sometimes it's really light on the first day and heavy on the third. What should I do?




Dear Caroline,

What you have described is not unusual during the first few years of having menstrual periods. An irregular period, as well as a changing flow, is normal during the first few years of having periods. When you first start your period, it isn't uncommon to have your first period and then not have one for several months or you may have another one in just a few weeks. Starting out with a regular cycle and then having it become irregular isn’t unusual.


Periods are a drip, and not a faucet that turns off. Therefore, it can stop and start. What you experience is your unique pattern, and perfectly normal for you.


One hundred percent certain predictability with your period may not happen so it is important to know the clues your body sends. Some teens/women get some cramping, some will see some skin blemishes, while others may get sore or tender breasts. Many times you only know your period has arrived if you get a damp feeling in your underwear.


Keeping a menstrual calendar and recording each period, including the flow pattern is helpful as you learn more about your cycle. You will have this to refer to when you have questions and it will be helpful when you visit your gynecologist. Check out our period predictor to help you chart your cycle. You can get to it by clicking on this link:


Hope this is helpful,

Your BeingGirl Experts

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