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I'm Shy

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Dear BeingGirl Experts,

Why does my best friend get all the attention, and I'm shy?




Dear Nadia,

Just because your friend gets attention doesn't mean you go unnoticed. Many times one friend is more outgoing and friendly in social situations. This means most of the conversation goes her way. But being shy or unsure of yourself in social situations should not make you a wallflower.


Actually, being shy can be a trait some people like. Those who are shy are usually good listeners! If you want to participate more in the conversations around you, then learn about the things people are interested in.


Practice at home what you would like to say and what questions you want to ask. Knowing what you want to say will make conversation easier when with a group. It is easier to learn to talk with people if you get involved in an activity you find interesting. Working together on common goals and interests means you'll have real things to talk about.


And...keep smiling. A smile will invite conversation!

Your BeingGirl Experts

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Posted November 11, 2012
im shy and i only have one really good friend. Shes
Tay Tyler
Tay Tyler
Posted May 30, 2012
@amimeluvr & pinkcandi omg!!!! me too! at my old school people teased me for being shy but now im a little more social i have more than one friend this time!
Posted November 23, 2011
@animelvr<3 Me Too! i dont know why.. somebody help us!
Posted September 30, 2011
Wednesday thanks for the info its helpful
Posted October 07, 2011
im sooo shy when im alone but when im with my friends i fell like i can talk to ANYONE!!!!!!
Posted December 22, 2011
I feel like nobody will listen to me because all the groups i have been in interrupt me every time I try to talk. I don't mean1 or 2 but like 20 times.but now my shyness is affecting my grade
Posted September 20, 2011
If you are shy about your period, here's a few tips for you. Just remember though that every girl gets their period. If at home, turn on the fan and the radio in the bathroom. Maybe have the wrapper unwrapped before going into the bathroom. At school, maybe use the restroom during class time if allowed. This way you may have the restroom all to yourself. At other times try to use the stall that's the farthest from the door, sinks and mirrors. That way no one should be able to heard or see you. Perhaps, have the wrapper unwrapped before entering the restoom. If someone is in the stall beside you, either wait till they leave, flush the commode or sneeze while changing your pad or your tampon. Turn on a fan or radio (if there's one there). Again remember all girls get their period and there's nothing to be ashamed about. Also try to use the handicapped stall, if available. This stall usually gives you more room to change your pad or your tampon.


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