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Added August 01, 2013

HPV Vaccines... Is It Right For You?

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Cervical cancer is a slow-growing cancer that may not have symptoms, doctors tell us, and it is almost always caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV) infection. The good news is that there are HPV vaccines that will protect us against the types of HPV that cause 70% of cervical cancer. Every federal health authority recommends this treatment which is administered in a three-shot series. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a little more than one third of the nation's 1317 year olds have already received the immunization. Have you taken the shot? Should you? Here are some facts to help you make your decision.


HPV is a family of 100 or so related viruses. They are called papillomaviruses because certain types may cause warts (or papillomas), which are noncancerous tumors. These HPVs are different from those that cause the common warts that grow on hands and feet. Of the more than 100 types of HPV, over 30 types can be passed on from one person to another through sexual contact. About six million new genital HPV infections occur each year in the U.S. Most occur without any symptoms and go away without any treatment over the course of a few years. Both men and women can contract HPV and pass it on to their partners during intercourse.


The CDC recommends that girls get vaccinated at the age of 11 or 12 because once they are sexually active, they are more likely to become infected with HPV and the vaccine doesn't have any effect after that. The other advantage of having the vaccination at the age of 11 is that this is the age where you're likely to be receiving other shots.


Before any vaccine is licensed, the FDA determines it is both safe and effective. Gardasil and Cervarix, the two HPV vaccines, have been tested on tens of thousands of people. So far no serious side effects, other than brief soreness, have been shown to be caused by the HPV vaccines.


Gardasil and Cervarix, the two HPV vaccines, prevent nearly 100% of the precancerous cervical cell changes caused by the types of HPV targeted by the vaccine. Research is being conducted to find out how long this protection will last. Although both HPV vaccines have the potential to reduce cervical cancer deaths around the world by as much as two-thirds, it is important to note they are not a guarantee. The surest way to eliminate risk for genital HPV infection is to refrain from any genital contact with another individual. And the surest way to decide whether getting immunized is right for you is to discuss it with your parents and your doctor.

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Posted September 02, 2012
i alwayz freak out when they bring the needle out one time i ran to the bathroom and climbed out the window:[ im not proud of it... but next time im bringin my ipod and closing my eyes. i always hold my moms hand. i know it sounds babyish, but ya'know. oh i got all of them at age 12. im 13 now
Posted August 16, 2012
I got this when I got all my middle school shots. It wasn't painful.
Posted August 09, 2012
I was supposed to get one for the past 3 years, but my doctor just keeps pushing it out until I get my period. she also said I would get my period soon, so I think that means I'll have it by next year and I get the shot. :b
Posted August 01, 2012
I got the Gardasil vaccines two years ago and although it hurt a little for a short while..I think it was worth it. Whether its guaranteed or not its good to have some kind of back up in your body.
micki mouse roxx8
micki mouse roxx8
Posted July 15, 2012
wow. Im scared now......
Posted February 12, 2012
K so I got the Gardasil and it comes in three shots I got the first one in December and the 2nd one yesterday. the first one didn't hurt anymore than any other shot. but the 2nd one hurt a lot! my arm was sore the rest of the day but its better now. I get my third 4 months from now. #1 then 2 months later #2 then 4 months after 2 (or six months after your first) #3
Posted December 12, 2011
Hey i got these done! I just got my 2nd done..... They dont hurt that much. It might be because i have a high pain tolerance :/ my arm was sore but thats it. its not bad trust me. if your parents want you to do it, you will be fine. The only thing is you might faint after (very unlikely) :)
Posted August 24, 2011
My mom and I were a little skeptical about me getting the Gardasil vaccine. I have to admit, I was really nervous when I got it because I'd heard how painful and 'pointless' it was. Nonetheless, I got the shot, and I'm actually glad I did. It is a series of shots; one, two, and three, separated by a couple months. What I don't like however is that if you miss one you have to redo ALL of them. I understand the chances of cervical cancer is low, and I'm not entirely sure the Gardasil shot even made a difference. And I have to agree with the person below/above me - the shots DO hurt more than others, but I experienced no numbness afterward. I got mine when I was 12, and now I'm 14 and healthy and hopefully cervical cancer-free.
kitty kat77
kitty kat77
Posted June 07, 2011
oh man lets not talk about these. im sorry but they hurt alot. you have to get three but not all at the same time. you get the first one then one month afterwards you get the second one then the third one you get it 6 months after the second one. they really hurt. they numb your arm for about 30 mins. my mom says she got it but they had caught it early enough so they took it out. she just wanted to make sure i didnt get it.
Posted February 12, 2012
Oh and dudes can also get Gardasil. Its to protect from genital warts on them my friends brother got it :)
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