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How To Use Tampons

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Dear Iris,

Every time I put in a tampon, it's uncomfortable for a minute, and then it gets pushed out. What should I do?




Dear Nevaeh,

It sounds like you may not be inserting the tampon high enough in your vagina. If the tampon is too low and touching the vaginal muscles, it will be uncomfortable. If the tampon is touching these muscles or "pushing" itself out, try using your finger to push the tampon up higher. You will probably find starting over with a fresh tampon will work best. Make sure to insert the tampon so that it passes the muscle which could make it uncomfortable. You do this by pushing the bigger tube all the way into the vagina until your fingers touch your body. (Some girls find twisting the applicator back and forth gently helps.) Once you push the inner tube in to the outer or larger tube the string should extend outside the vagina. Don't forget to remove the tubes.


Check this out for the insertion details:


Remember BeingGirl has great videos and articles on tampon insertion. You will know when you have inserted you tampon correctly because it won’t hurt.


Hope this is helpful,

Your BeingGirl Experts

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Posted February 08, 2012
when summer gets here im going to start using tampoons. im going to be new to that soooo... yeah.


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