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Added August 01, 2013

How To Turn Down A Guy

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Okay, so you can tell he likes you. Maybe he looks at you a lot, or says, "Hi," all the time. Or maybe he's even come right out and said, "I like you" or asked you on a date. That's all great if you like him back, but what if you don't? Here are some suggestions for how to turn down a guy.


How to turn down a guy: Be honest

Coming right out and saying, "I like you as a friend," can prevent a lot of miscommunication and embarrassment. You might think it's easier for him if you lie and say you have a boyfriend, or give some other excuse. But eventually, he might find out and be even more hurt.


How to turn down a guy: Don't start ignoring him

Ignoring him won't make his crush go away and is no way of how to turn down a guy. If you're not really friends and there's no reason for you to talk to him, then you can be brief with him. Don't return his stares with smiles and don't start conversations with him. These things will only give him the wrong idea.


If you are friends and he tells you how he feels, you two need to have a talk. If you still want to be friends with him, make sure to tell him that, too. Put yourself in his shoes. If you liked him and he wasn't interested in you in "that" way, you'd want him to tell you that instead of ignoring you or acting like a jerk.


How to turn down a guy: Don't lead him on

Sure, you might be flattered that someone likes you, even if you don't like him back, but don't lead him on so that you feel better about yourself. This can only lead to bad feelings and is unfair to him.


How to turn down a guy: What to do if his actions make you feel uncomfortable/he's become obsessive

If you feel like he's starting to stalk youthat is, following you around or calling you a lot when you've made it clear that you're not interestedtalk to your parents or to a school counselor about it. You shouldn't have to feel uncomfortable or unsafe because of someone else's feelings toward you. And you should not feel at all responsible or guilty if he's become obsessed. Talking to a counselor about how to turn a guy down can help you understand this and can also help you figure out what actions will stop him from bothering you.

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Purple heart
Purple heart
Posted October 14, 2013
We are having a school dance and there is this one guy who is not embarrassed to say he loves me, all his friends keep telling me he is going to ask me out. I like him a teensy bit but not that much. He is really nice though and he's a good friend to have. PLEASE HELP ME!
Posted March 05, 2013
Help! Anyone! There's a guy at my school who I think likes mw. The whole next week he was flirting with my best friend which (of course, was a breath of relief for me.) She told me and all I could think of is for him to just get off my back. Now,he's back to flirting with me and I don't know what to do! Help! I don't know what to do. I like a different guy and he seems to be helping me but I need to end this. Any advice?
Posted August 07, 2012
i turned down a guy cause i already had a boyfriend but he didn't know..... now i feel bad.
Posted June 28, 2012
There was a guy who liked me in 6th grade and he is in my math class. I had to skip class to finish a test in english so when i was done i went back to my math class and my teacher told me to go to tutorials and the guy who liked me over heard. So the next day i went to tutorials and he was there and sat right next to me. I told him if he had something to finish and he said " No i just wanted to be with you" That was sweet of what he said but also gross cause i didnt like him!
Posted July 19, 2012
i have two stalkers O.O and one person i go everywhere with at school
Posted March 08, 2012
ther is this guy his name is keton and he is really short and one day we were put in the same group for a science project and he really likes me. the weird part is that we had to go to eachothers houses for the projet and i learned that he is my best friends brother. now i feel all dumm that i didnt put all the pieces together
Posted December 02, 2011
i sort of agree with artsygirl127 there is boy who had a thing for me since the third grade and i keep sending the signals that i dont like him in any way not even friends because he likes me in the "nasty way "
Posted December 29, 2011
There was a guy who liked me a lot and he asked me out. I told him "I'm not really looking for a boyfriend" witch wasn't a lie, but it wasn't the truth either. I felt really bad about it because his friends kept asking me over and over and trying to pressure me into it. It's my fault I kept leading him on. Now I'm stuck with a nickname that shames me "Lil-Jason" Because his name is Jason and I'm a girl :\ really??? Why Me???
Posted November 06, 2011
I just turned down a guy today o my gosh thats funny
Posted December 31, 2011
They did that to me to they called me Tia and add his last name @@@@###@@sad,anger,Mab@@@@###@@
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