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Added April 23, 2014

How to Throw a Surprise Party

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SURPRISE! Surprise parties are a great way to make someone’s day. With a little planning and this easy how-to guide, you can throw your friend a surprisingly awesome celebration that she will never forget!


1. Pick a Date

Choose sooner over later. If the surprise is for her birthday, it's probably best to do it before the big day instead of after. She won’t be expecting it and if you wait until after her birthday, she might think you've forgotten about her on her actual birthday. Prevent her from spending her birthday sad or disappointed.


2. Invite All of Her Friends (Very Secretly!)

It’s always fun to celebrate your birthday with the people you care about most! Your friend will appreciate having all her friends surrounding her to celebrate her special day. Since it will be a surprise, be sure to notify guests to keep it a secret. You may simply refer to it as, “The Surprise.” Also, make sure your friend doesn't think you're making plans without her. After all, the celebration is to show how much you appreciate her. Plan with her friends over the phone or email and avoid social networks, too. Eliminate any chance for her to find out before the big party. That includes talking about it when she might be around!


3. Set Up Your Menu

Consider what your friend really likes to eat and those that will be invited. They will all want to have some good eats or good treats. Why not have a potluck? Everyone can chip in! Or organize a menu around a theme and ask everyone to bring a different ingredient. You can do this for a make-your-own-pizza night or an ice-cream sundae bar. There are many options that can work.


4. Plan Her Entrance

Make sure everyone is planning on arriving early before the guest of honor. You don’t want her to see people arrive at the party at the same time she does. That would definitely ruin the surprise! When planning, decide what will happen when your friend arrives and makes her entrance. What will be the signal to shout “SURPRISE?!” Will you throw confetti?


5. Don’t Forget the “Party” in Surprise Party

Too many surprise parties focus only on the surprise itself. But what happens after the surprise? Plan an activity like decorating cupcakes, watching her favorite movie or making jewelry so that you have something to do after the surprise and everyone can hang out together at the party.


6. Help the Birthday Girl Look Her Best

Your friend will definitely appreciate if you help her look good for her party. Don't let her get caught in her sweats with her hair in a mess! You will need to figure out a plan to get her at the party at the right time. Tell her you're going somewhere that requires her to dress up a little — a special dinner, another party, a movie at the mall. That way she'll be flattered by the surprise and enjoy taking pictures with a crowd of friends gathered just for her!

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Posted August 07, 2012
Totes luv the idea! I think I might plan one for my BFF! Wish me luck!
Posted June 21, 2012
luv it
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