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Added August 01, 2013

How To Talk To Your Parents

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Why does it always seem like your parents are trying to ruin your life? They always want to know what you're doing, whom you're doing it with, and when you'll be done doing it! Half the time they won't even let you do anything you want to because, as they say, "you're too young."


If you're asking to borrow the car, then you being too young is a valid answer. What if all you want to do is pick out your own clothes or hang out with new people? You're getting olderand sorry, Mombut you're not five years old anymore. You want to be more independent and make your OWN decisions! In order to do so, you need to prove that you know how to talk to your parents.


To get your parents to give you more space, you first have to prove yourself and know how to talk to your parents. They won't let you wear makeup if, when they say no, you throw a tantrum, throwing yourself to the ground and screaming bloody murder showing that you do not know how to talk to your parents.


How to Talk to Your Parents Battles

Choose your battles! Decide what's most important to you: being allowed to go to the movies with your friends or redecorating your room your way? Knowing how to talk to your parents means knowing not to ask questions when your dad's making dinner or your mom's paying bills. Your requests will go unheard if they're busy. A good time to ask is during dinner, or just tell them you need some alone time with them to talk. It is a great way to show them that you know how to talk to your parents.


How to Talk to Your Parents Friends' House

If your parents are hesitant to let you go to a new friend's house, invite your friend to your house first. It will make it easier when it comes time to knowing how to talk to your parents. Your parents will get to meet her and hopefully will understand why you want to hang out with her. If they still won't let you go to her house, respect their decision and don't harp on it.


How to Talk to Your Parents Fashion

When it comes to makeup or clothes, parents tend to have strong opinions about what their little princess is running off to school wearing. A good way to show you know how to talk to your parents is to explain that you want to start experimenting with makeup. Check out and create a look that's right for you! Show it to your mom or dad and see what they say. If they'll only allow you to wear makeup at home, try out some understated looks. Don't glob on the bright blue eyeliner and red lipstick. Show them that you can wear makeup and still look like a respectable tween.


The next time you go shopping with your parents, show them the clothes YOU like. Don't pick out revealing tops and paint-on jeans. Even if they let you buy clothes like that, clothing like that sends out the wrong message. You still want to look modest, but with your own, individual style.


If they're not footing the bill for your new sparkly eye shadow or hip-hugger jeans, ask if you can do some extra chores around the house. They'll see that you're willing to give a little to get a little.


Your parents are quick to say no to a lot of things because they don't think you're old enough to make wise decisions. Don't ask to wear makeup if you're only asking because all of your friends wear it. When you want your parents to give you more leeway to make your own decisions, make sure it's something you really want. Present them with examples and ideas of how you'd use your new independence like how you'd redecorate your room or the clothes you'd pick out. Showing you know how to talk to your parents can influence their decisions to benefit yourself.


Don't ask for too much, and respect your parents guidelines. Some independence will just have to wait: going out on dates or going out with your friends unsupervised will come when you're older. If your parents say you can go to your friend's house, but have to get picked up at 9:00 pm, don't put up a fight. Your parents will think you're acting like a baby and probably won't let you go. Proving you know how to talk to your parents shows maturity.


Your independence will shape the kind of woman you become, so use it wisely!



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Posted July 27, 2012
this year i made my own style my mom said it is ok, its not like im in skin tight clothes im wearing clothes like cece on shake it up but my dad just goes off on me, i tryed talking to him but he calls me spoiled and yells at me to go away, i dont know what to do
Posted June 18, 2012
my parents understan 2 out of 3 things
Posted May 26, 2011
But they always have something else to say when i drop it?
Posted March 25, 2012
Yeah, my parents won''t even let me go outside the col-de-sac!
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