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Stress, Depression & Anxiety

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Added April 23, 2014

Tips for Feeling Worry-Free

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What worries you? What you see in the mirror? What you hear in the cafeteria? What your parents expect of you? Whatever it is, we guarantee there are hundreds of thousands of girls everywhere who confront those same fears every day and want to stop worrying, too. Here are common things that girls like you worry about, the science behind it all and helpful tips for feeling more worry-free.


What’s Your Worry?

According to a study commissioned by Girls Inc., girls are facing increasing pressure to please at even-younger ages, making it near impossible to stop worrying. Seventy-six percent of girls in grades nine to 12 "worry about their appearance." And over half of the girls in third to fifth grade said they are worried about their body image and their ability to look "skinny" and "dress right." While there were no gender differences in worries about school, girls worry about getting along with parents and what to do when they are older. Girls are proven to worry more about personal problems, romantic relationships, being liked by other kids and being concerned about what kind of person they are. In fact, the only thing boys worry about more than girls is succeeding in their physical activities.


The Worry Cycle

Science has shown that fear is hardwired deep into our brains from a very young age. Psychologists report that worry starts as young as toddler age. As we get older, we stop worrying about the old fears and replace them with new ones. Ghosts and goblins at age 6 turns into a date for the junior prom at 16. With the passing years, a dread of kidnappers or national tragedies morphs into worrying about achieving high SAT scores and being thin enough. During our teenage years, worry can manifest itself in many ways: depression, eating disorders, drug use, casual sex and many restless nights — all things that just make us worry more! The cycle can seem endless.


What to Do About Worry

How can you keep your mind from racing and adding more worries? Here are some helpful hints to get the emotional weight off.


  • Inform yourself: Educating yourself on topics is a great way to reduce your stress about them. Read some of our other articles about some of the most stressful topics, like embarrassing moments, bullies, your period, pelvic exams and teen pregnancy.


  • Talk it out: Talk to your parents or a trusted older friend who is sure to calm your fears and help you put things into perspective.


  • Write in a journal: Sometimes simply getting your thoughts down on paper helps release the tension. Go back to older journal entries to review things you worried about months. ago. Notice how some of the topics seem silly now? Aren’t you glad you didn’t have a meltdown after all?


  • Exercise and breathe: Try some yoga. Take a jog or walk. You’ll feel that release energy will release stress and worry. Now you’re in control again!

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comments so far
Posted October 09, 2012
roesy pie i know what u mean my mom dad and brother have anxiety to so basically my whole family has it
Posted September 10, 2012
Im worried about my period and my parents they always fight and now they are getting divorced
Posted September 10, 2012
oh and im always worried and now i have insomnia it means that i cant sleep well and it takes me hours to fall asleep
Posted July 25, 2012
Anxiety runs my life.
Earth-friendly girl♥
Earth-friendly girl♥
Posted August 05, 2012
i worry ever single day!! i hav the x-treme case of anxiety!! i'm desperate for high school creeps closer my anxiety level rises..i cant live with it anymore!!!i cant b myself i need help!!!PLEASE!!:'(
Posted August 09, 2012
This sounds really, really stupid, but I always am worried and TERRIFIED, ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED of throwing up. It's really weird, and all my friends and parents are telling me it's okay. My doctor said that it was from stress. But I still hate the thought of throwing up and getting sick and whatever. I don't know how to get rid of my phobia.
Posted May 05, 2012
See for me it's what people think about me like every other girl. I dot like to play games in my pe class cuz I think people will say I suck at it and tell the whole school. Yesturday people started allying me ugly and asking my 1 day bf y he picked me? I told my friend and I couldn't finish cuz I started crying. They said there were just jealous the point is that your friends will ALWAYS be there for u. There always say just the right thing to make ou laugh and smile:)
Posted June 21, 2012
i always be worried
Posted July 15, 2012
What worries mwha... hmmm... I've jest gotta say the mirror one cuz it's true, I'm not happy with what I see in the mirror, nope, not one teenie-weenie bit, but heck, who doesn't? I pretend that I like myself... wonder if it ever shows... do ya guys like "the mirror"??? Cuz I for one DESPISE him cuz he's a real meanie-head. How do I like what the magic mirror on the wall has to show me??? Ergity-erg-erg. PLZ HELP!
micki mouse roxx8
micki mouse roxx8
Posted June 28, 2012
im just worried tht i may have embarrassing moments @ school
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