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How To Put A Tampon In

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Hi BeingGirl Experts,

I have a question. I use only tampons, but I have trouble inserting them. They all seem too long and they irritate me. I'm just wondering if there is a shorter tampon out there, or if I'm just not inserting them right. I've used tampons since I started my period but have just started noticing this problem in the last several months. After I use the applicator to insert the tampon, I usually have to use my finger to insert it farther.

Thanks for your help!




Hi Zoey!

Your solution to the insertion problem sounds like a smart one. Maybe you are not inserting the applicator far enough into the vaginal canal? When used correctly, the applicator helps you place the tampon higher into your vagina so you don’t place it by the muscle in your vaginal canal. If your fingers are on the grooved rings, they should be able to touch the outside of your labia before you push the inner tube into the outer tube. Don't forget to remove the tubes once you place the tampon. Reviewing the insertion information on the package insert or on BeingGirl might help. Tampax Pearl Lites tampons are the shortest tampon on the market. This makes a difference in comfort for some girls when they are learning tampon insertion techniques.


Also, remember to relax and take your time!


Your BeingGirl Experts

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Posted November 14, 2011
Mine does the same, and I pushed it I farther and it didn't make a difference


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