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How To Manage Time

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Dear BeingGirl Experts,

I'm really stressed out because I can't calculate my time right. I never have enough hours in the day to do what I need to do. This happens every day. Can you give me some advice on how to manage my time better?




Dear Sylvia,

Feeling overwhelmed is easy when you have a lot of different responsibilities and activities. Making a list of your commitments and putting them in order of priority for you is a good first step in managing time. You need to be realistic and remember schoolwork should come first over the sport you enjoy the most. Be sure to include socializing and family activities. Next, get out a calendar and write down when you are supposed to do each scheduled activity. When this is complete, write in when you will do the additional activities on your list. Once you have figured out what is most and least important to you, and how much time you have to do each thing, you might find dropping one or two activities from the list will help you better be able to manage your time. Why not ask someone in your life who knows you well (perhaps your parents) to help you with this?


Being behind on schoolwork can cause teens to feel overwhelmed and like they don’t have enough time. If you need some extra time to get caught up on schoolwork, try talking with your teachers. They should be happy to work something out with you if you are honest and explain what is going on with you. Work towards getting your assignments turned in a few days early. When your parents see you working hard and trying to manage your time they might be willing to help by changing some of your responsibilities at home. Perhaps offer to do more on days when you are less busy. You will feel less stressed once you are organized and prepared with a plan


Good luck as you work on your time management skills!


Your BeingGirl Experts

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Posted May 11, 2012
Very helpful! lol. I`m on the computer half the day and when i get to school I`m like why didn`t I get that done?!?!?!?


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