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Stress, Depression & Anxiety

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Added April 23, 2014

How To Feel Happy

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The blues...How to feel happy

Disappointments. Nobody likes them. We all like to win and want to feel happy and powerful. But sometimes life has disappointments, whether it's being betrayed by a friend, having your boyfriend cheat on you, or not getting the job or into the school you want.


What happens to you when you get the blues? You have every right to feel sad. But can you process your feelings about a bad event while going on with your life? Or do the blues send you into a spiral of shame that makes you feel horrible about everything in your life? The point is, when you get the blues, you need to get empowered again. That means taking steps to build your self esteem from every angle.


Take care of yourself

Yeah, you know. Get a haircut, try new makeup, buy some new jeans. People do these things because they work. Why? They make you feel good. It's not about becoming a super model, it's about taking care of yourself and knowing how to feel happy.


Work out the stress

Working out helps relieve stress and makes you feel strong. Vigorous exercise also stimulates endorphins. the natural "feel good" chemical in our brains. (Some people call it the runner's high). Get in the pool, on the track, or on the court and play hard.


GIVE unto others

Studies have shown that the reason some economically disadvantaged people get depressed is because they can't afford to give. We're not suggesting buying gifts for all your friends. But giving of yourself, your time, energy, and experience makes you feel powerful. It shows that you have so much you can afford to share. So find somewhere to volunteer. Visit a nursing home, become a candy striper at a hospital, or walk dogs at your local animal shelter. You'll remember how to feel happy.


Feel ALL your feelings

Sometimes feeling sad or a little depressed colors everything. Try not to judge yourself or evaluate your life when you're bummed. Remember, you can feel more than one feeling at once so be sad about the disappointment, but remember how to feel happy and grateful about a good grade, your home, or a good friend. You'll see there's more good in your life than bad things. And by the way, don't stuff your feelings with food or smokes or booze. Stay present and face your emotions, then you can get to the other side.


When you can't figure out how to get happy

Some people are prone to depression and can't get out of the blues on their own. If you feel really stuck and start to feel like you can't handle your sad feelings, get some help. Don't be embarrassed. Most people have to seek professional help at some point in their lives. Take some action. Talk to a counselor at school, tell your parents, go to a teacher you trust and tell her you're having a hard time. Just taking this action will make you feel better. After all, you've done something positive for yourself.

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comments so far
Posted May 05, 2012
smile172158, YES YES DEFINANTLY! me ans my sis are obssessed with the hungerrr gammesss!
Posted May 01, 2012
hey peepzzz!! :)
Posted January 18, 2012
i didn't really read it but depresion hurts i am glad that they talk about this!!!!!!!
Posted March 14, 2012
IS anyone else pumped for the new HUNGER GAMES movie coming out March 23rd??!
Posted December 04, 2011
I havn't felt that warm feeling in my heart in a while, I just can't feel my heart anymore :'(
Posted October 21, 2011
It sucks being depressed. Teenage hormones seem to be so prone to depression! There are a couple books I've read called Feeling Good and Flourish that I am reviewing on my blog They have really helped me for more severe depression, so I hope they're able to help you too, if you want to look!
Posted August 31, 2011
Posted August 10, 2011
@KITTYS I say focus on your fine points. Do you love your hair, have beatiful eyes, or long sinny legs? Whatever it is, work on it extra time. I love my eyes so i get up early in the moring before school and put on some mascara and eyeshadow. It makes me feel beautiful every day of school. Even my friends compliment me!!
Posted October 02, 2011
I just moved to a new state and new school. I feel depressed cuz i really miss my friends and ive known them for 5 years . This is my 8th grade year and i hav to graduare with strangers. Can anyone give me some advice?
Posted August 07, 2011
Before reading this, i took the screening, and got mild depression. After reading this, I am a happy, active, moving bumble bee :)
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