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Added August 01, 2013

How To Break Up

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The end: how to break up

You had a crush on him for months before he finally asked you out. Your friends thought that you were the perfect couple. You two became inseparable and you couldn't imagine yourself without him.


Now something has changed and you can't imagine your life with him. You don't think that you love him anymore. Hard as it is to believe, you want out of the relationship you worked so hard to get into. Read on to learn how to break up with him.


How to break up a relationshipeven one that has been a strugglecan be difficult and painful. Think about what you want to do.


How to break up: Can you work it out?

Evaluate what makes you unhappy about the relationship. Once you figure out what's wrong, you can decide if you want to fix it or end it. Some problems can be worked outlike that you want to spend more time with your friends. Other problems can't be solvedlike he's insanely jealous.


How to break up: A no-go

If you decide that you want to end it, you'll have to talk to your boyfriend. Plan when and how you're going to talk to him. If you're really mad at him (say you found out he made out with your friend), it's best to wait until you calm down.


How to break up: Face the music

Although you could break up on the phone or through email, talking to him in person is kinder and more respectful. Meet in a quiet place where you won't be interrupted. Don't break up with him at a party or in a crowded restaurant. Being part of a humiliating scene is only cool on television, if at all.


How to break up: The truth will set you free

Be honest and direct. Be clear that you want to end the relationship. Don't send him mixed messages that keep him holding out hope. There's no need to blame anyone or explain yourself. Remember that this is someone you cared about once, and although you think he's a jerk right now, he's still a person with feelings.


How to break up: Moving on

Ending the relationship to date another guy can be tricky. If your boyfriend knows the guy, you might want to tell him. It may hurt him more now, but it could save him the embarrassment of finding out from friends. If he doesn't know the guy, you don't need to tell him. Your relationship is over and who you see is not really his business.



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Posted September 07, 2014
Don't worry about breaking up, even if he is sensitive. Just schedule a meeting before or after (preferably after) school to talk to him. Start with saying how you've been thinking (cause you probably should be before you break up) about your guy's relationship, and explain to him why you want to break up. If he gets upset or starts crying, you can offer to still stay in touch/ maybe even friends (But only if you're comfortable with that!) or that you still think he's a nice guy, but you can't be together anymore. HOWEVER If you're breaking up because you found out he loves someone else and didn't tell you, you don't have to apologize, because you're probably upset or ashamed. And if you're breaking up with him to be with someone else, I'd tell him who that person is. -= Hope this helps! =- Xoxoxoxo
Posted September 02, 2014
braking up is easy just say that we aren't working out but we can stay friends
Posted November 27, 2013
tbh, breaking up is easy when you're like seriously not interested any longer. it's like a big relief, well for me.
Posted April 14, 2014
don't worry about breaking up
Posted August 03, 2014
Hey I have a boyfriend that I don't like any more and I need help with breaking up with him he is sort of sensitive but still please help I need to break up with him at the beginning of the school year please help!!!!!! I am freaking out!!!!!!!!!
Posted March 09, 2014
#PrincessAngiw12. it's easier to break up with somebody by saying I'm sorry I don't think this is going to work and then just walk away it's easier whatever you don't have any more feelings for the person I hope this helped #####CSB123#####
Posted July 15, 2013
i broke up with this guy but i think he doesn't understand that i kinda did mix it up now im seeing someone else ,and hes all up on me i might lose my new bf help
Posted September 05, 2012
breaking up is never an easy thing to do. but it feels alot better then being dumped
Posted July 04, 2012
@destinygirl11 when you have your first kiss, most likely you won't like, make out. It probably will be like a peck on the lips. I know. Not exciting. That's how I felt with my first kiss with my bf. It might give you a happy feeling or if your like me, it wont feel like anything until you've kissed a couple of times. My and my bf were holding hands and on had a really sweet kiss that lasted only a few seconds. It was about our fifth kiss but the first one I actually FELT something. Don't feel bad if your first kiss isn't what you expected. Trust me, Almost NOBODY has a perfect 1st kiss. Hope this helped. :) rekless2000
Posted October 30, 2013
I just got a boyfriend today! He is real nice and funny and cute. I don't plan on breaking up anytime soon. ;)
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