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Added August 01, 2013

How To Be a Good Friend

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Admit it, You couldn't live without your BFF (best friends forever)! All 54 of them! Your friends are a key part of your life. They are the ones who understand you, who you hang out with when you have a free moment, and who you run to when you have a problem. You'd rather be with them than anyone else, and you trust them with your deepest, darkest secrets.




So why did Melissa tell your crush that your bra was slightly padded the other day during volleyball practice? And why would Carly tell Nikki that thing you said about Taylor? Now Taylor is upset and everyone is fighting.


What's a BFF anyway? Do you really have any best friends? Stop and think for a second. Being a good friend takes loyalty and a strong character — particularly during your teen years. Peer pressure, cliques and groups, the temptation to gossip — these are all very real obstacles on the road to being a trustworthy BFF. And you know the saying, "To have a good friend, you first have to be one."


Check out the tips below on how to be a good friend:


Tip 1: Get To Know Your Friends
You say you know who your friends are. Well, you might know what time they have English or the combination to their locker, but do you really know what makes them tick? Sure, Amanda loves barbecue potato chips, but do you know that she is afraid of the dark, loves singing in the shower, or has a half-brother who lives in Chicago? Understanding who your friends are will help you be a better friend to them.


Tip 2: Get the facts straight!
A true friend goes to the source to find out if something is true. If you hear rumors, half-truths and judgments about people you care about, talk to them to find out their perspective before making your own conclusions. Perhaps you may help them understand the impression they’re giving and work together to find ways to make things right.


Tip 3: Be Trustworthy
Can people trust you? Are you honest, reliable and dependable? Take responsibility for your actions and make friends with those who you trust. Surround yourself with friends you can confide in and trust with your secrets, and do the same for them. When you show that you are a good friend, your friendships will become even stronger!


Tip 4: Nobody's Perfect!
Everyone deserves a second (and maybe third, fourth, etc.) chance. You and your friends are bound to make mistakes. Learn to forgive Laura for announcing that you just got your period. Accept Melanie's apology for ignoring you during class because she was sitting with the popular girls. BFFs know how to say, "I'm sorry," and "I forgive you," while acknowledging what to do to make things right the next time.


Tip 5: Have Fun Together!
You know, sometimes BFFs just want to have fun! Spend time with your favorite friends. Go for a bike ride. Make up a dance routine. Create a special treat. Forget all about the little things that might bother you because in the end, a real BFF is someone who you can have fun with together!

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comments so far
Posted March 29, 2014
Me and my BFF were soo close... until i started hanging out with the 'cool kids' And whenever I try to talk to her She just walks away, one day i finally got her attention and she telled me she was not talking to me because I was too 'cool' for her! So i felt horrible and i stopped hanging out with the 'cool' kids.. so she forgived me now we are back to being bffs! :D
Posted November 22, 2013
I'm a volleyball junkie! When I have a volleyball game somewhere , my BFF's are always there to support me.
Posted October 18, 2013
Thanks, Being Girl Experts for this article! My best friend has been avoiding me since high school started and she hangs out with the "cool" people. I hope these advices help me talk it out with my best friend.
Posted December 15, 2012
I just moved to this school like three months ago, and I still don't have a BFF!!. I still feel like the new kid and I am worried that I won't make a best friend this WHOLE year. HELP
Posted April 29, 2013
My buffs and i are so silly! Lol one game we like to play on our spare time/ "recess" before school, at lunch... We walk up to random people, and stare at them, trying not to laugh, and follow them if they try to run away, we laugh soooooo much lol :P
Posted November 04, 2012
Girls, don't stress about losing your friend, because if they really like you, then they'll be your friend. Also, if your friend is ignoring you (or at least that's what it LOOKS like), don't take it personally and hang out with other friends. Absence makes a relationship stronger, you know!!!
Posted October 09, 2012
Me and my best friend are always together, we do everything together. We talk to each other all the time.
Truely Nicki
Truely Nicki
Posted June 30, 2012
I'm so happy I have the bff that I have. We are like Ce Ce and Rocky off of Shake It Up. I'm like Rocky of course but I dont do that well in school. My friend is like Ce Ce but she is not cooler than me. We both even each!!!!
Posted May 13, 2012
Me and my BFF are just like CeCe and Rocky.I'm most like CeCe,the outgoing fireball in her best friend who does't do that well in school(I do average).And my BFF is most like Rocky,the encourager in her best friend's life who does well in school.(Straight A's)
Posted July 05, 2012
i try to keep up on my friends latest updates but i cant really when no one tells me anything!!! i feel like no one ever trust me!!
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