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Added April 10, 2014

How To Apply False Eyelashes

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When prom is approaching, it's time to pull out all the stops. Want dramatic, sexy lashes that go on for miles? The long, dense, fluttery lashes you've seen on the hottest celebs? Well, ask them and they'll tell you, for lashes that nearly reach your eyebrows, false eyelashes are in!


False eyelashes were the rage in the '60s, and they've recently made a comeback with a vengeance. Models and celebrities use them far more often than you think. If you yearn to look beyond glamand you're up for the challengethere's no bigger night than the prom to learn how to apply false eyelashes! To make your first experience easier, there are starter kits that include adhesive, a few styles of lashes and an eyelid wide-applicator that looks like an overgrown tweezer. The sales staff at department store cosmetic counters are also available to teach you how to apply false eyelashes.


We suggest you start practicing way before prom night, and opt for full strip lashes for your whole lash line because they are easier to apply. As impressive as they look when applied correctly, they can be one sad goopy mess if you're unsure of what you're doing.


The first step on how to apply false eyelashes is to measure the dry strip of lashes against your eyelid. If they are too long, trim them to the correct size by cutting them at the outer corner.


Apply glue in a very thin line at the base of the false eyelashes. Put the glue on the back of your hand or on a tissue and pick it up with the back end of a small makeup brush to avoid getting too much glue on the strip.


Use tweezers to pick up the lash strip and place it right above the base of your natural lashes, about one quarter of the way in from the inner corner. Push down all around with your finger, careful not to get glue on your fingertips. How to apply false eyelashes tip: No worries if you dojust rub your fingers together, and the glue will ball up and crumble off.


Wait for the glue to dry to apply the rest of your makeup. Then carefully apply your mascara to blend your true eyelashes with your new false ones.


Stay away from lash extensions, even if you have an expert put them on. Although they look great and last for weeks, they are expensive and the bonding agents they use are similar to super glue and are not yet regulated by the FDA.


Never fear if learning how to apply false eyelashes sounds like more than you can handle. There are dozens of mascaras out there guaranteed to thicken, lengthen, nourish, curl, volumize, and stretch. In fact, 176 new eyelash enhancement products, mostly mascara, were released last year, up from just 48 in 2002!


Another thing to remember when learning how to apply false eyelashes is to use a thin, short brush and twirl it slowly as you move from the roots to the tip. Hold the brush and your lashes together at the tips for a few seconds to "set" the mascara. Blink onto the brush to give the ends an extra coat. Use a tissue under your lower lashes and lightly hold the brush vertically. Apply a second coat before the first one is dry to avoid clumping. And, although you've seen it done a thousand times, never pump the brush into the tube. It only adds air to the mascara, drying it out.


If you want some professional help, on how to apply false eyelashes, visit You'll find useful tips and the services of a beauty consultant via a live chat, waiting to help you!

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Posted July 24, 2014
Hey guys! Eyelashes DO NOT hurt if you apply them properly and use quality eyelashes. Ardell lashes, along with their clear adhesive glue is the best ones to use. But, if you are first time eyelash-applier (LOL), I would recommend going on a website like Amazon and buying lashes that come in a pack of three, five or ten. This way in case you make a mistake, you have extras! Applying them is not painful unless you get the glue in your eye, so apply a thin coat onto the lashes so that doesn't happen. They make your eyes feel a little bit heavy and you might blink weird for a few minutes, but you adapt to them quickly! :) Good Luck, Alyssa
Posted June 07, 2014
They look really pretty but not for everyday. I really am liking mascara for that! :)
Posted June 21, 2012
Ugh! must hurt.
Posted August 04, 2012
i got some really cool eyelashes from claire's! there for the fourth of July and are blue are red!
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