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My Period

Menstruation & Your Cycle

Is this normal? Figure out what is normal for you

When you first start menstruating, the length of your period won't be regular—it could last one day or ten days. The average length of a period is 57 days.


When you first start to menstruate, the cycle could be very irregular; starting, stopping, and starting again. For example, you could have one period and then wait as long as six months for the next one! This isn't unusual. Until your body adjusts to your cycle, your period may be unpredictable. But after that, your menstrual cycle should be fairly regular during most of your menstruating years. If your period continues to be very irregular, you should see your doctor. The length of time between periods can be anywhere from 2135 days.


Use the period predictor to learn more about your individual cycle:

Answer         easy questions3
To find out period days - all year long!
Remember, dates are approximate. Your menstrual cycle will shift here and there. Come back and update your days if you want to keep it super accurate!
What day did your last period start?
How many days between the first day of your last period and the first day of your next?

(This is your cycle!)

How long is your menstrual cycle?    
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How long do your periods last?
How long do your periods last?    
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Already created your period calculator?


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comments so far
Posted July 24, 2014
I started my first period on May 13th. Now 2 months later I going into another. That sould be unusale right.
Posted January 27, 2014
To Irealywantmyperiod! Every girl is different and so are periods when they start. Usually for the first two years your periods will be irregular. That means they could start and come at any given time. "Always expect the unexpected" was what my Mom told me. For example, you might get it three months in a row then skip three months in a row. Maybe get it every other month. Check yourself each time you use the restroom. Start wearing pantiliners (if you haven't already). They will protect your clothes and keep you feeling fresh. Start carrying supplies with you: pads, tampons (when you are ready to use them), wipes, Advil, Aleve, Midol, etc. (for cramps), change of panties, quarters for the machines, etc. Try to use the handicap stall, if available. That stall usually gives you more to change your supplies and your clothes, if the need arises. If you have any questions, just ask.
Posted January 08, 2014
Can any one help i think i got my first but it only last a day and a half ????? has this happen to any body
Posted November 09, 2013
My period stopped at 1st or 2nd November... Great... Not! My period started just today and it's only been a week without blood!( or when my period stopped)
Posted November 05, 2013
Yay! My period stopped yesterday!! Well the bad news is that this one lasted for 15 days! (2 week 1 day) Even longer than my last one! My sisters started when mine was still going and hers even last shorter! ( a week )
Posted October 23, 2013
I've had my first one (August 2013) for 6 days, then it really changed and I had my second one for 13 days! I'm on my third one now and it started today. It's actually really weird because all of my periods started on Saturdays...
Posted July 03, 2013
Omg I'm so glad I'm normal! I had my first one for nine day and have had my second for seven days so far!
Posted September 03, 2013
can someone help me !!!! i had my period 5 months ago and im worried that i might not get it for the next month what shoud i do
Posted July 03, 2013
I know my period always lasts for a week, but i know people who's lasts for 3 or 4 days. It can vary with age and weight
Posted July 04, 2013
Oh come on!!! Then day I got to Indiana beach I'm gonna get it!? Why!
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See what other girls are asking about periods.
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