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How Do You Put A Tampon In?

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Dear BeingGirl Experts,

I inserted a tampon for the first time today, and I can feel it, but I followed the directions through the whole process. So my question is, since I can feel the tampon inside of me, does it mean that I didn't insert it far enough? And how do I know if I did it correctly?





Dear Maria,

Truly, if the tampon is inserted correctly you will not be able to feel it. I think you are right about the tampon not being inserted far enough into your vagina and is touching the vaginal muscles. Just keep trying to insert it and make sure you aren't pulling the applicator tubes out before the tampon is totally inserted. Learning to use a tampon correctly takes practice. When you get it in the right way you will know because it won’t feel uncomfortable. BeingGirl has great articles and videos giving step-by-step instructions that you might find helpful as you learn! No doubt you will be successful at this like millions of other women!


Good luck,

Your BeingGirl Experts

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