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Added August 01, 2013

Healthy Eating Tips for Teens

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Eating healthy is an important part of growing up. Sure, fast food is convenient, and ice cream is a nice treat, but you need to remember that eating nutritious foods is the key to becoming a healthy and active young woman.


To find out how, check out our easy tips below to jumpstart your healthy lifestyle.


1. Eat a Good Breakfast

Have you heard the saying, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day?” It’s true. Breakfast is important. It can boost your metabolism, and it can help with weight control, mood and school performance. Your blood sugar usually drops overnight, leaving your brain to run on empty until you eat in the morning. It needs to be re-fueled with food. Two-thirds of teenage girls do not eat breakfast on a regular basis. And girls who skip breakfast find that they tend to eat more calories and make poor food choices during the day than people who don't skip breakfast. Good choices are filling yet nutritious options like oatmeal and fruit. If you change just one thing about your diet, make it eating a healthy breakfast each morning.


2. Eat at Home with Your Family

Eating your meals at home with your family has two key benefits: 1. meals prepared at home are usually more nutritious and healthy and 2. you’re able to control your portions. It’s also a great time to connect with your family and unwind. Although it can be hard to join your entire family for a nutritious meal, eating with your family is a great way to unwind. Put your phone in the other room, enjoy a home-cooked meal and talk about your day. It can be a unifying experience for all.


3. Have a Well-Balanced Diet

It’s important to get the right types and amounts of foods and drinks to supply nutrition and energy for your body growth and development. While the recommended serving sizes have changed over the years, the concept has stayed the same. The idea is that you shouldn’t take in more calories than your body will burn in a day. If you do, your body will store the extra as fat. Depending on how active you are, you should stick to an intake of about 2,000 calories. Based on a 2,000-calorie diet, here is a suggested list of food types and portions you should try for:

  • Up to 6 oz. of grains daily, and try to find whole grains
  • At least 2.5 cups of different types of veggies
  • About 2 cups of fruit
  • About 3 cups of dairy (milk-type)
  • Around 5.5 oz of lean (skinless, low-fat) protein/meat


Of course, there are fats, too, but you should try to avoid them when possible. We’re not saying you should be measuring or weighing your foods – it’s all about portions and eating enough of healthy grains, fruits and veggies for a well-balanced diet.


4. Slow Down for Meals

Relax and enjoy your food. Be sure to slow down when you are eating and really enjoy your foods. Mealtime is the perfect time to S-L-O-W down the pace of the day, plus you can focus on mindfully eating. Eating too quickly interferes with healthy digestion and encourages overeating. A recent study found that women who ate a meal in 30 minutes ate 10 percent fewer calories compared to those who wolfed one down in 10 minutes!


5. Eat Healthy Foods 7 Days a Week

Make healthy eating a routine and try and stick to it seven days a week. You may not have a set time you eat breakfast, lunch or dinner on the weekend, but it’s important to integrate healthy foods into your diet, no matter where your weekend takes you.

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comments so far
Posted November 18, 2013
I have breakfast every morning! Breakfast is awesome, I love making eggs everyday! I eat food a lot when I'm feeling bored, though. How do I stop this, and why is it like that??
Posted October 18, 2013
I want to start eatting healthy and have haealthy eatting habits. I love breakfast
Posted July 03, 2013
wow! I eat healthy...but sometimes I can want JUNK FOOD, and every time I eat junk food, I feel like im fat. :( so thanks
Posted August 07, 2012
thank you! I always eat when I'm bored. how can I fix this?
Posted October 18, 2013
Eat healthy and unhealthy. Keep a balance on eating them both, because nobody can eat only healthy food everyday. Everybody eats junk food once or twice a week.
Posted February 25, 2013
I eat a lot everyday. I eat about 15-27 things each day most of what I eat are snack type foods.
Posted July 17, 2012
This was very helpful. I am going into 8th grade and maybe I can put this to use for the rest of summer and this school year.
Posted July 19, 2012
im going to 8th grade too this year and this is very helpful. thank you!!!!!
Posted June 30, 2012
This is very useful although I am not that rich I will try.
Posted August 06, 2012
This really really helped alot with my weight and over-eating habits.
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