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All About Hair

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Added April 10, 2014

Hair Tips for Girls

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Some days your hair can have a mind of its own and some days it works just perfectly. What we know is that it needs proper care for best results. Whether you style your hair everyday or prefer to throw it back into a pony tail, here are some daily hair care tips especially for us girls that can keep you away from unruly hair dilemmas.


Clean It Up!

It’s always good to start with a good base of clean and shiny hair. Keep it clean by washing it regularly, which can mean several times a week or every day. Shampooing cleans the scalp and hair by removing dirt, oil and product build-up, but it can also take out the natural oils that make your hair shiny, bouncy and easy to control. It’s best to use a shampoo specifically designed for your type of hair; Whether your hair is curly, straight, frizzy, flat, stressed out or colored, there’s a shampoo for every hair type. Also consider special shampoo made for swimmers if you’re in the pool or at the beach a lot. Follow the directions on the product and know when your hair needs a good wash.


How to Shampoo

Soak hair in water. Apply shampoo designed for your hair type. Use just enough to work up a good lather all over. Rinse well.


Moisturize It!

Conditioner is used to add moisture to the hair, so it becomes tangle-free and easier to comb. Read the descriptions of the different conditioners before you buy, and choose one that fits your hair needs. Follow the directions on the product and use the right amount for your hair length.


How to Condition

After shampooing, rinse well and squeeze extra water from your hair. Place the appropriate amount of conditioner in the palm of your hand. Put your hands together and rub them a little bit to get the conditioner on both hands. Begin at the ends of your hair and work upward to apply the conditioner. For best results, follow the directions on the product, including the amount of time to leave the conditioner in your hair. Rinse your hair under cool or lukewarm water until the sliminess of the product is gone.


Go Curly

If you have naturally curly hair, embrace it! After washing your hair, don't rub it dry with a towel. It will break up the curls and make it frizzy. Instead, scrunch it gently in a towel to squeeze out the extra water. Put in products you like to use, and then let your hair dry naturally. If you want to use a hairdryer, use a diffuser attachment and turn your head upside down, scrunching your hair with your fingers as you go.


If you have straight hair and want to achieve a curly look, use a towel to gently blot out any extra water. Add gel or mousse. Then twist small sections of hair into little ringlets. Hold them in place with bobby pins, or wrap sections of hair in cushioned rollers. Sleep on it overnight or use a hair dryer. When hair is completely dry, spray with a light hairspray. Take out the pins and curlers and shake out your hair. Comb through your hair with your fingers. Try this a few times, taking different size sections and making curls in different places to see what works best.


Go Straight

If you have naturally wavy or slightly curly hair and want it to be straight, gently squeeze out the extra water. Next, apply a heat protectant and use a dryer with a nozzle attachment to help you concentrate heat on one area at a time. Divide your hair into eight sections, and dry one section at a time. Gently pull hair straight with a brush while you dry it to create a smooth, even finish. If you are looking for an extra smooth finish, you can use a flat iron to smooth over any frizzy pieces.


If you have very curly hair and want to make it straight, you can follow the same tips above or you may need to use a relaxer or straightener. Talk with your parents first to get their approval, and to see if they have any recommendations. They may take you to a salon where a professional can help your hair stay straight for a few months.


Be Healthy and Protect Your Hair

Hair is a reflection of your health. If you take care of you by eating a well-balanced diet, exercising and getting enough sleep, your hair will show it. If you're not healthy, your hair won't be either.


To take care of your hair, you also need to be gentle and protect it. From the water you use to wash your hair (not too hot or too cold), to combing in small sections to detangle carefully working from the ends in a downward direction, and from using hot air from a blow dryer to other styling tools like curling irons or flat irons, these can all take a toll on your hair and dry it out. There are special products to use before using styling tools to minimize the damage. Also consider the environment: wear a hat, cap or scarf if you can protect your hair from over-exposure to the sun, salt or chlorinated water, wind and air pollution.


With these hair tips you will learn how to keep your hair healthy and strong, and you will be rewarded with a great-looking mane that's easy to tame!

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comments so far
Posted March 13, 2012
i want to curl my hair, because i love curls but don't have natraly curly hair like them lucky people, but every time i do all the curls come out within 10 minutes! help!
Lady Neeva
Lady Neeva
Posted February 29, 2012
Of Course, there is always the useful Flexi-8. Sure, it costs $10 for a mini, but it'll last longer than 5 years.
Posted February 24, 2012
I can't find cute things to do with my hair, it's a little bit above my shoulders and it seems it's too short to do anything cute with it!!
Posted February 24, 2012
My hair is da worst. Ive tried everything. Nothing works. *sigh*. I wish i could at least keep my hair from frizzing.
Posted February 04, 2012
ugh, my hair compicated its st8, and usually oily, then i dry it... it gets oily, AGAIN! , then i oil it lightly and iy gets even oily- er-er i guess? anywyas, um,yea, but im tryna get it 2 grow :)
Posted February 26, 2012
I have naturally curly hair, right now it's right above my shoulders, I always take showers at night, when i let my hair air dry I get really nice pretty curls. But I sleep on it and the effect is RUINED, sometimes I'm able to fix it and look nice, i wish there was a way to make my head not touch the pillow, comfortably.
:) angelsp :)
:) angelsp :)
Posted January 15, 2012
Posted January 18, 2012
my hair is straight and every time i wash it is so soft that every thing falls out
Posted December 31, 2011
Bad Azz[:, yez.
Posted December 31, 2011
Before both of my parents had a job my mom used to cut my hair. I got it cut about every 3 months. I always wore it in a ponytail though because she couldn't cut it straight.
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