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Going to the Gynecologist

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Added August 01, 2013

Feeling Comfortable at First Gynecologist Visit

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It's normal to feel nervous and maybe embarrassed at a gynecologist visitwe're not really used to baring our private anatomy like that! But remember, the doctor has done this hundredsmaybe thousandsof times before. To her or him, it's like looking at your tonsils. So try to relax about that.


Here are some ways to make your gynecologist visit more comfortable.


Be picky about who you see

You can go to whomever you want for your gynecologist visit (within the limits of your insurance plan, if you use one). If you get a referral from someone, ask that person if the doctor is easy to talk to that's important. You might prefer to see a male or female doctorit's your choice. More important than gender is how you feel with the personmale or female. After meeting the doctor, if you feel uncomfortable for any reason and want to leavethat's totally your right.


Ask about having a nurse present during the gynecologist visit

When you make your appointment, find out if that doctor always, usually, or never has a nurse present for the gynecologist visit. This may help you decide if you want to bring someone with you.


Bring a pal

It's nice to have the support of another person when you have to deal with a new experience. A first pelvic exam is a good example. Maybe you'd like to go with your mom. If she can't make it, ask an older sister, aunt, other female relative, or a friend. They can be in the room for the exam or when you talk with the doctor or both. But the decision to bring someone is totally up to you.


Speak up

When you call for your appointment, tell the person who sets it up that this is your first gynecologist visit. Ask if you could have a longer appointment than usual so the doctor will have time to talk to you and answer your questions.


Talk about it

If you feel nervous about this exam, talk to someone who's been through itlike an older sister, you mother, female relative, or female friend. Just talking about how you feel may ease your anxiety.

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comments so far
daddys little girls
daddys little girls
Posted December 30, 2012
y would anyone want to have a male doctor looking at your parts
Posted September 10, 2012
Yes definitly a female. Who would want a guy down there? seriosly yuck!
Posted July 06, 2012
I would definetly want a female doctor for my visits
Posted May 26, 2012
Yah I wouldn't really want my Mom or any one else but the doctor and maybe a nurse in the room.
Posted April 17, 2012
It is very sickening to have someone looking at ur...u know...and then asking you all of these questions!I havent been there yet but i know i will eventually HAVE to go:/ why do us girls have to do this crap!!!
Posted February 04, 2012
Posted December 29, 2011
What all do they ask if ur a virgin?? I wouldn't want my mom to know help!!!
Posted December 08, 2011
i wouldnt want anyone but a female doctor
Posted January 05, 2012
i would want a lady docter not some man docter looking at my female parts !!! [ugh!]
Posted January 25, 2012
First of all,WHO IN THE WORLD WOULD WANT A MAN?AND WHO IN THE WORLD WOULD GIVE THERE DAUGHTER A MAN.he'd be all up in ur buissness!and if u do get stuck with a guy,BRING SOMEONE IN THE ROOM WITH U just to make sure he doesnt do anything he isnt supposed to do....
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