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Growing Apart From Friends

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Dear BeingGirl Experts,

My best friend and I just recently got in a huge fight. The reason for the fight was that one day my best friend was hanging out with this other girl. Now I don't care who she is friends with. So then at lunch, she and I have this thing where I grab a milk for her, and she saves me a spot and then that day the other girl did that so I didn't get to. So then I saved her a spot and she completely ignored me!!

I cried as soon as I got home and for the next two days. Anyway, we talked it over, and she told me that she didn't mean to hurt me that bad but only was doing it because she said I do the same to her. So then she said, "Well, do you think our friendship is fading?" And those words stuck with me and still do now way after the fight.

How can I make sure our friendship isn't fading? What can I do to save it?



Dear Lea,

As you grow and change, your relationships will too. Not all friendships are going to last forever and some may not last long at all.

Friendships go through different phases too. This friendship doesn’t seem to be lost, but is changing, and it can change again. By the two of you talking things over, you showed one another you are friends and have respect for one another.

You do need to get involved in activities you enjoy. You'll meet others who share your interests and you'll be having fun. You'll make new friends while you are working towards a common goal.

Good luck,

Your BeingGirl Experts

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Posted March 29, 2014
To bad this doesn't work for a friend that stole your bf
period advice girl
period advice girl
Posted January 25, 2014
me and my friends are soemtimes fighting but you can always trust that you will find a new friend if you fight with your friend and feel like you cannot let it go then be the first to apologize make it extra special to show her or him that you actually care and are sorry for what you did
Posted November 16, 2013
Thats the same that happend to me my bff Lexi well my old bff Lexi just turned on me for some other people and then turned emo and showed herself but were not that tight anymore but ill be ait i got new bffs i got tired of the pain i just moved on our friendship faded from bff's to just f's, So Sad But Oh Well She Made Her Choice.:( To Bad It Had To Be This One.
Posted October 28, 2011
The same thing happened to me and my best friend. She met a new friend and we stopped talking. It was trajic bcuz i cried pretty much every day. :( It is still tight but it is improving
Posted June 27, 2012
Myfriend and i were really close until she moved eigbt hors away. Now i barely know her


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