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Added April 23, 2014

Dance Tips: Going With a Group

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Going to your next dance with a group of friends? We’ve got some helpful advice for planning the perfect night. Get ready to have a blast! Start prepping with our group dance tips:


1. Talk to Your Parents

Talk to your parents and keep them informed of your plans. It’s best to ask for their permission up front. They can help you understand your options and give you some suggestions for the night.


2. Decide Where to Eat

Pick a restaurant where you and your friends would like to eat. It’s important to make sure it's within everyone’s price range. Make the restaurant reservation a week before the dance. Then confirm your reservation a few days before the dance. If dining out isn’t your thing, ask your parents if you could host a small pizza party with your friends. Everyone can chip in so you can all fuel up before the big dance.


3. Choose Your Look

Think about what look and hairstyle you want for your night. If your look requires a professional, make your appointment in advance. If this is something you can pull off on your own, give it a test-trial before dance night. It’s super fun to get made up for the dance, especially in a group! See if you and your girlfriends can get ready together. Then you can all help each other get the perfect look.


4. Pick a Place to Meet After the Dance

While you may be exhausted from dancing your heart out, you’ll want to pick a place to meet up with your friends after the dance. This will be a great time to share stories, pictures and unwind. Depending on curfews, you can extend your celebration after the dance, or simply plan to meet up a few days afterward.


With these and other group dance tips, you’ll be ready to have a ton of fun at your next school dance. Do you have any dance tips of your own? Share them with us in the comments below!


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Posted March 29, 2014
I wish I was a senor in high school so I could have my first kiss and my first boyfriend.I can't wait to grow up!too bad I'm still a preteen in middle school.
Posted June 21, 2012
These tips will help so much. Pre-planning activities is essential in keeping everything organized!
Posted January 25, 2012
iCant Wait Till My Prom (:
Posted January 14, 2012
Probably means Band-Aids. you never know what will happen
Posted November 16, 2011
Bandages for what? What kind of bandages are you even talking about?
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