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Added August 01, 2013

Puberty Madness: Going Through Puberty

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We keep telling you how normal going through puberty is for a reasonit really is normal! If you can keep from freaking out, you can use this special time in your life to learn about yourself. Here are some ways to keep from freaking out: 

  • Take care of yourselfBe careful with food cravings (like wanting only ice cream for dinner). Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Exercise. This is good for your body and mind. Taking out your anger on a tennis ball or treadmill can make you feel great again, too.
  • Talk to someoneAmazingly, parents and teachers can be really helpful, and you can count on other adults, too, if you're more comfortable with that (see Who To Talk To in this section). Your friends might really appreciate knowing that you're going through puberty just like they are, but don't depend on them for real information. Go to someone who's been through it.
  • Concentrate on school and hobbiesYour brain is growing, and this is a great opportunity to use it. The hobbies that you liked in the past will be even more fun now, and you'll develop new interests. Do something creative to express all your new emotions.

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comments so far
Posted July 14, 2012
Sorry I meant young not you. (Enjoy being young it doesn't last forever!)
Posted July 13, 2012
@ZebraPrintGal(: 1) It's okay not to have discharge before or at the same time as your friends. That just means they have to suffer from periods before you do. Enjoy being you it doesn't last forever! 2) You sound very close you just need to have discharge for a while (6-12 but upto 18 months). I had discharge for only 10 months before my period. 3) If your mom is too overprotective or worrisome think of a female relative who isn't maybe your grandmother or your aunt tell them what's happening and tell them that you don't want your mom to be worried and say to your mom you're going for some "auntie and niece" or "relative" time. Hope I helped!
Posted April 23, 2012
just letting yall know i am jasmine247064 its just that i had to make another profile becuz i forgot my password on it so thanks for reading it
Posted April 07, 2012
I still haven't gotten vaginal discharge, and a lot of my friends have it and it kind of sucks having to hear they are maturing faster than me. I know people say that you grow at your own pace, but I think a lot of people get jealous at some point. I shave my legs, grow pubic hair in "The Area", wear deodorant, and have been having some serious mood swings! But I have one question, I think I might have a yeast infection but I am too scared to tell my mom and she gets worried WAY to easily and we don't have a lot of money so is there someone good that I can talk to? Help!
Posted March 14, 2012
I very emotional about things lately and im growing undre arm hair i wear a size 32 a in bra and i shave my legs i know weight 100 pounds but im skinny and slim and ive gitten taller so can anyone tell me if this is a sign of my period coming very soon!!!!!!
Posted December 08, 2011
Lately I have noticed I crave food like peanut butter. I gained like 24lbs so now i way 94lbs. I shave under my arms and legs. I get cramps and I have Lots of discharge but know period yet?...... help me i am reallly confused
Posted August 10, 2011
I have been upset a lot lately. I wear a bra size 32a, shave my underarms and legs, and have pubic hair. I am 5'3" and weigh 92 pounds. will I get my period soon?
Posted November 14, 2011
Have you gotten it yet? Good luck!
Posted September 03, 2011
@319princess Well it sure sounds like it! If you have bad cramps, discharge, and you are experiencing a mix of emotions (happy to suddenly sad or mad about a tiny thing, etc.)then yes, your period should be coming VERY soon :) Make sure to wear a pantiliner everyday. Plus, I hear that the average weight most girls are when they get their period is around 100 lbs. so if you're 92 lbs. it is certainly on it's way ;) congrats!
Posted November 18, 2011
If I ever have a food craving, have broccoli. I know its not one of the best foods in the world, but my mom learned to love it while she was pregnant!:) hope this helped a little!
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