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Eating Disorders

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Added August 01, 2013

The Runaway Eating Epidemic: Girls Overweight

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Girls at either end of the weight spectrum have a hard time feeling good about themselves. While the number of teens who are anorexic remains a chilling commentary on our times, and horror stories about the damage bulimia and the consequences of unrealistic body image expectations fill the news, it is the statistics on adolescent obesity that have physicians most alarmed.


A recent study by the National Longitudinal Study for Adolescent Health revealed that in the five years between 1996 and 2001, about two million teens joined the ranks of the clinically obese! Although overweight teenage girls generally know more about nutrition than teens did three decades ago, they are eating significantly more fat and expending a lot less energy.


Preventing teenage obesity is a complex job. The mix of super size portions, fast, cheap junk food, and intense peer pressure has led to a serious loss of self-esteem, depression, and a host of premature health problems. Add to this, the awful prejudice against overweight teens, and the situation becomes even more dire.


While you might know that watching too much television instead of going to the gym, drinking soda and juice instead of water, and eating too many carbohydrates and too much sugar are the practical causes of this epidemic, did you know that:


  • Pediatricians say obesity has become the most prevalent chronic health problem among American children.
  • Only three percent of parents of severely obese children considered their child overweight.
  • In the last twenty years, the number of overweight teens has nearly tripled and now one out of every four children in North America is seriously overweight or at risk of becoming overweight.
  • If one parent is obese, the child's risk is about three times as high as normal and if both parents are heavy, the risk is more than ten times as great.
  • A study asked children to assign attractiveness to pictures of children with various disabilities. These preschoolers rated the obese child less attractive than the child in a wheelchair, a child with a facial deformity and a child with a missing limb!
  • Overweight adolescents have an 80% chance of becoming overweight adults.
  • A recent study in the Journal of Counseling and Clinical Psychology says that teenage girls who diet, who used appetite suppressants or laxatives, vomited, or participated in binge eating are at greater risk of obesity than teenage girls who don't diet! The girls didn't reduce calorie intake or exercise enough to achieve results even though they thought they did.
  • Anger, anxiety, ethnicity, or level of parental education were not found to have any relation to binge eating. Depression and low self-esteem were the main culprits.
  • Eighty-one percent of ten-year-old girls are afraid of being fat. Although many young women cut out milk, cheese, and yogurt for fear of fat, how much dairy a teenage girl consumes is not associated with an increase of body fat.
  • A study found that adolescent girls were more afraid of gaining weight than getting cancer, nuclear war, or losing their parents!

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comments so far
Posted August 20, 2013
I am overwieght and young and both my parents were like that! There parents put them on a diet and then they were good. But i cant stop myself and i'm 112 pound and 4'9 and a half any suggestions????? :(
Posted August 20, 2013
I'm also very active but pig out afterwards. Oh, healthy tip; dont eat after six oclock
Posted July 03, 2013
I feel so fat compared to all my friends. I weigh 131 and I'm 5'1 I tried dieting and exercising. I play soccer and nothing works. I eat pretty healthy too and I never feel comfortable with my body.
Posted April 01, 2013
I know it's not right... but I secretly hope that I give develop and eating disorder just to lose weight. I'm 5'5'' and weight 135. I feel huge and I just want to love my body for once.
Posted October 09, 2012
Ok so like i don't know if this is true but my friend told me that Asians weigh less?And i dont know if its true but im an Asain (woo hoo go asians) and im in 7th grade and weigh 85 pounds.So thats why im asking that question because im smaller then all my friends.but i dont think of starving myself because thats just horrible and you can get sick.Its not good to do that for girls who are trying.Just try to eat more healthier and try to take walks or do some workouts!
Posted October 09, 2012
PookaShell: Your not fat you say your thighs and butt are big that's because your " Becoming a Woman" That's where you gain weight when you go through puberty trust me you will even-out in no time! Millions of girls are going through what your going through but your not fat! ~ Olivia
Posted July 27, 2012
Mini-Author, you may not starve yourself, but your statement of being "overweight" is extremely incorrect.105 lbs. is fine and healthy! I'm 190, what does that make me, gigantic? Although, most people cannot tell, being over 139 lbs. is overweight. You cannot support "not starving theirselves" with that terribly false perspective.
Posted August 16, 2012
@urbeautiful2 same with me! except im really short so i look even bigger. :(
Posted July 25, 2012
First of all, Mini author, being 105 is not big for a 7 th grader! I was 120 when I was in 7 th grade but I could be skinnier. Right now is an important part of ur life and u must eat plenty of healthy foods to support your metabolism and mental and physical health while staying active, if u do all these things then u are obviously not fat and very healthy. Please no one starve yourself remember that god loves all of u just the way u are
Posted September 16, 2012
I'm over-weight. I see it when I look in the mirror. I don't have a double-chin or anything, but my tummy is pudgy and my butt is huge, along with my thighs. I seen this tummy-tuck belt on tv recently and I want it SO bad, but it costs SO much. For me anyway. I don't live by a gym and I don't control what goes in the 'fridge at my house. What can I do?
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